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Coming off of the high of last Monday's Valentine’s Day episode, "Surprise" was a solid, if slightly standard, installment of Mike & Molly.

After discovering that Mike’s last birthday celebration was when he turned nine, Molly decides to throw him a surprise party. It takes some effort, but she manages to wrangle everyone to Peggy’s house for the bash. Molly’s dedication to Mike is always sweet, and it’s nice to see other members of the family express their love for him, too. Joyce and Victoria’s drunken confession of affection for Mike was great. For some reason, they always seem to be at their sweetest when intoxicated.
Surprise Party for Mike
For me, the best line of the episode went to Victoria:

Kind of like when you get pulled over by the cops and you’re high on weed. You gotta act straight, but not too straight. | Permalink

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You all know I have a sweet spot for Victoria, and I’m hopeful there’s another Victoria-centric episode coming up. The last, "Victoria Can’t Drive," was one of my favorites, not only because we got to learn more about Victoria, but also because we saw another side of Peggy.

This week, Peggy is back to her grouchy old self. I would love to see her soften a little, even if it’s only for a minute. It would add some much needed depth to her character. "Surprise" came close to this by showing how happy Peggy was to see Mike light up when all of his friends surprised him. Mike was shocked, and I was too. I really thought everyone had left for IHOP!

The sub-plot of this episode revolved around Samuel. He’s fallen hard for a woman named Amira, and goes beyond his financial means to impress her. I wish that this storyline had connected a little more with the main plot of the birthday party, but it wasn’t totally separate. Mike’s monologue about his feelings for Molly and the importance of honesty in finding true love brought Samuel’s story back to the larger narrative, and added a nice hint of irony. Yes, honesty is important in relationships, except in the case of surprise parties!

Do you think Amira will be back in a later episode or will she and Samuel work things out off screen? Would you like it if your significant other threw a surprise party for you? 

Surprise Review

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Mike & Molly Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Victoria: Kind of like when you get pulled over by the cops and you're high on weed. You gotta act straight, but not too straight.
Molly: You know, I never thought I'd say this, but you are absolutely right.

Look at me. My car is lost, I'm riding this stinky bus, I'm an hour late to my party, but because I know Molly is there waiting for me it's the best birthday of my life.