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Maybe we complaining so much because we have been trough alot this season and with only 6 episodes left or hopes are to high I still love and enjoy the show and for sure I keep watching I think from 2.16 we had some amazing episodes we got two comedy driven episodes to lighten thing up a little. I have a feeling that when we get the new episodes in a few weeks, they are going to very intense to prepare the show for the season finale.Just like last year!


@zia..I did not think he acted like an idiot either. There were things I would change about the episode but overall I enjoyed it. The only thing I thought was a bit off was the way danny reacted to the boy who was talking to grace. But I often think he overreacts to stuff. I just ignore him.

The complaining on this board is more then the positive posts lately. I dont know if that means the show is losing its way or what. I may just watch and not post about it, it makes me not enjoy it as much. Everyone has their right to post though, I understand that.


I don't think James Caan, who has been acting for about 50 years, has had numerous recognitions, whose son is one of the leading characters, was acting like an "idiot". It was a character, and a good one. I'm all for the main 4 characters getting good writing. Perhaps we should we get rid of everyone else, make the 4 main characters know it all and do everything, such as the autopsies, lab work, no back up cops, no guest stars, no recurring characters. They could chase invisible people. That's reality.
That power button is still on the remote.


For those who complain about the complainers - we do complain because we care about the show. So - when I see a famous guest star overacting like an idiot; when I see Danny being really stupid (get real - a 10 year old boy is a stalker???); when I see McGarrett being a side show to the guest star; and when I watch other shows who have proven their mettle by being on for a good number of years stay true to their main characters, aren't so neurotic about the merits of their shows that they have to continually bring in (and overly build up) guest stars - and who know how to introduce new series characters without using a sledgehammer - then I wander what Lenkov is thinking. As for stopping watching the show - may well do so if this week's episode is a sign of things to come. The 4 main characters deserve better writing.


I just watched.... finally..and I loved it!! I thought it was a great episode and I actually really enjoyed james caan. It was well done and the humor was fantastic. This was one of my faves this season for sure!! I hope he comes back again.

Huggies!!!! :)


@martinelli...He's always funny,thought he was great that whole ep and I just loved him in the wedding ep.
I'm a product of the product placement generation, so I have no problem with it. Without it we would have a lot shorter show, it helps pay the bills. I also imagine doing a show in Hawaii is probably more costly than doing one on the mainland.


@jschoi - I'm glad I'm not :) I guess Kamekona made it fun, don't you think? I just love the guy, he's sooo funny all the time :)


@kaydee - Thank you.

You are right, I tend to overlook stuff that others find annoying too, this is normal. I found the Hilton scene funny, I loved how Danny and Lori embarrassed themselves, while others hated it.

By the way, Peter Lenkov admitted in a radio interview that the Subway scene was a commercial and he said this is the way commercials will be in the future. I can't blame him because when commercials are on, ppl go to the kitchen to get a snack or a soda, or ... to the bathroom ... (including me, lol).


@martinelli...No, you are not the only one who enjoyed the Subway commercial, I loved it.


@martinelli - no I liked the Subway commercial too but I tend to overlook stuff that others find annoying (like the use of the Hilton) and even Steve's over-the-top handling of suspects (he's not a cop so he doesn't follow the "cop" bible which sets Danny off). Every show has its quirks and characters, takes liberties and uses product placement to their advantage (bet you can't look at a Subway sandwich and not think Kamekono!!). Better yet, we get to sound off about it all - good, bad and indifferent - on great blogs like this one and yours!

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