Hawaii Five-0 Review: Archer Hits The Mark

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This is officially my favorite episode this season. While I was sad that Lori has left the show, I can say that Tony Archer (James Caan) turned my frown upside down and made me laugh so much that by the end the episode I was saying: Lori who?!?

I’m not afraid to admit that I've had a little man-crush on Caan since the first season of Las Vegas. He and Josh Duhamel are what made the show survive when so many other programs about Vegas were failing at the time. As much as I’ve enjoyed the bromance and carugments between Scott Caan and Alex O'Loughlin, having Caan Senior in the mix just made it that much funnier. When he pointed out their “hen pecking” and offered to be their marriage counselor I was cheering. 

Danny, Tony, and Steve

Did anyone else expect some sort of nod to Scott and James being related? I really thought we would get some sort of inside joke, but that wasn’t the case. What we did get was Tony giving us some of the best quotes so far this season. 

CBS, please tell me you have the elder Caan lined up to make return visits. Not only was he humorous, but he really brought characters back down to earth; their behavior and actions seemed believable for a change. Speaking of believable...

Did you notice not one suspect took off running this week? All the way to the end when they arrested Todd I just knew someone was going to run. I was wrong. Now, before you mention Dumb and Dumber who took Raines’ body (that is how they were listed in the credits), keep in mind that they were already running before Five-0 confronted them. So they don’t count.

I also took note that they explained why Raines and Archer we’re not Hawaiian, that they had moved there from New York. Why couldn't they have done that with Frye earlier this season? Was it really so hard? I hope nobody pulled a finger writing that. 

Finally, I’m willing to let the fact that Dennis Miller was only in the episode for three minutes slide given how much they used James Caan. If I had to pick between the two, I’m taking Tony Archer over Bobby Raines every time and twice on Mondays. Here’s hoping we see Tony again real soon. 


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@Kaydee...Perfectly said. I'm guilty myself and I'm ashamed, it's not me and not the way I was raised. I think the last 5 Eps were very good, even the ones with Lori. The last 2 ohana was back and I felt stronger than ever. As a GP fan love the growth in Kono, I think it started in ep 5 but we didn't start to see till the last 2 eps. I think Detective Kalakaua would sound better than Officer.


@kaydee.....well said. I think we just have a passionate group here. It is all good. :) I think we are in for a great rest of the season. A few not so deep episodes are okay with me personally. I cannot wait to see what is coming up!


@walter I read that also. It's funny, I read other shows that I watch blogs, usually without comment, because none of them have the passion, criticisms, enthusiasm, respect and, as jschoi has pointed out, disrespect. This blog always has minimum 4 pages, while others barely reach 2. I've done my share of complaining (especially about the Lori character) too and sincerely hope I've never disrespected anyone for their views and beliefs. You can't please everyone all the time. I don't think the show's losing its way and feel the writers have to take chances otherwise it'll get to predictable and very old very fast. It's been a dark season so far, so these few lighthearted episodes are a good change. Darker, more intense ones are coming to finish out the season. We have a great group here and I look forward to reading both good and bad. Nothing is worth getting so worked up over, especially a tv show. Thanks for listening.


@walter..that sounds about right. What a nice guy. He certainly does not need a tv show to help his career. He has a very good movie career. I think it is sweet!!


@zia..I hear ya!!! I probably will just watch from here on out. I understand everyone has a right to post but I think it is odd that they post about a show that they dont like. I dont post on sites of shows I dont like I only post on this one. To each his own. @kyra..I agree with your post, it is a great show but not perfect. I cant think of a show that is. I am willing to have a few so so episodes until we get to the meat of the season which is coming in the next final episodes. I personally cannot wait!


people talk about how disrespectful my genreration is, maybe it's because we have such great examples


On his weekly appearance on the "O'Reilly Factor" Dennis Miller said James Caan told him "I did it for my kid not my career." Sounds good to me.


Zia, I agree this has become negative. It's a great show, not perfect, but a great show. They do have their right to their say, but the same old complaint without anything positive every week gets old. I did not like the beginning of the season, but I was not on here every week complaining about every little thing. I think the writers have improved the last several episodes, and that they are trying to get more of Chin and Kono in there. Danny has gotten a good dose lately and they are trying to give everyone something, the last 4 episodes showed that. But some people do not have patience. I don't want this show to be like all the others, and its not thats why I watch it. As long as they keep mixing it up I'm happy.


I think you got the critic part down, no need to go to class for that. I think a more positive class would work.
I pointed out that it was the character. By the way, the character was thought of by James Caan, he pitched it to PLenkov.
If it is such a bad show, and its the same people who can't find anything right about any episode, then why watch. Yes, you have a right to say what you don't like, but its like the boy who cried wolf. After awhile people don't believe anymore. I think the Lord has better things to do then listen to this. @Amazingalex......I agree its way too negative. I would rather just enjoy the show.


Oh Lord - mention that the writing actually smells of idiocy and you have comments attributing the guest star with the attribute. If one truly doesn't know the different between an actor and a character-as-written, then perhaps it's time to go to a 'how to be a critic' class.

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