Hawaii Five-0 Review: Archer Hits The Mark

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This is officially my favorite episode this season. While I was sad that Lori has left the show, I can say that Tony Archer (James Caan) turned my frown upside down and made me laugh so much that by the end the episode I was saying: Lori who?!?

I’m not afraid to admit that I've had a little man-crush on Caan since the first season of Las Vegas. He and Josh Duhamel are what made the show survive when so many other programs about Vegas were failing at the time. As much as I’ve enjoyed the bromance and carugments between Scott Caan and Alex O'Loughlin, having Caan Senior in the mix just made it that much funnier. When he pointed out their “hen pecking” and offered to be their marriage counselor I was cheering. 

Danny, Tony, and Steve

Did anyone else expect some sort of nod to Scott and James being related? I really thought we would get some sort of inside joke, but that wasn’t the case. What we did get was Tony giving us some of the best quotes so far this season. 

CBS, please tell me you have the elder Caan lined up to make return visits. Not only was he humorous, but he really brought characters back down to earth; their behavior and actions seemed believable for a change. Speaking of believable...

Did you notice not one suspect took off running this week? All the way to the end when they arrested Todd I just knew someone was going to run. I was wrong. Now, before you mention Dumb and Dumber who took Raines’ body (that is how they were listed in the credits), keep in mind that they were already running before Five-0 confronted them. So they don’t count.

I also took note that they explained why Raines and Archer we’re not Hawaiian, that they had moved there from New York. Why couldn't they have done that with Frye earlier this season? Was it really so hard? I hope nobody pulled a finger writing that. 

Finally, I’m willing to let the fact that Dennis Miller was only in the episode for three minutes slide given how much they used James Caan. If I had to pick between the two, I’m taking Tony Archer over Bobby Raines every time and twice on Mondays. Here’s hoping we see Tony again real soon. 


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@jeffrey....glad you are enjoying the show. I actually think it was the opposite problem when lori was on...they tried too hard to write for her and it did not work. They shoved a new character down our throats and made her the center of the show. Big mistake. The writing went downhill because they were trying to make her fit. That was the problem. I am not going to say anything about her as a person or as an actress ( I do have my opinion though) but I will keep that to myself. I dont see her coming back. They barely acknowledged that she left. Not a good sign for a character. I think the door closed on that character. Sorry for her fans but it is what it is. I am glad to have my show back. It is not perfect but it is getting there. You are a good sport though!! :)


I know that I have been slient for a while now about H50 but I have been busy not wallowing in disappoint. I have loved the last 2 episodes,they have remined me of season 1 with the oneness of the team, the bromance,the carguments and the relationships of family,the light banner,the chemistry and rythem has been back,but something has been troubling me why didn't they do this tremendous writing even with Lori's character,it was lazy and eftortless like they didn't even try. I think it would been possible to do so and make even Lori's fans happy,I don't think Lauren German was a bad actress,she just like her fans got shoddy treaTment. I think there is a small chance she might return and I would hope she gets better writing and more fun inclusiveness in the flow,I think and do hope it is possible and everybody wins!


@Zia @Lena - I guess Kensi is out of the McGarrett Senior's Shelburne picture. Her mystery has been solved. At least that's what we know so far. And by the way, Granger is a good guy after all, can you believe it? I still don't like him, I'll leave him to Hetty.


I think Kono will go from officer to detective come season finale, its about time too


@amazing alex - I agree. I think the balance is returning, slowly but surely. I'm loving the past few episodes and look forward to the remaining new episodes. And, can't wait to see what they have in store for Kono! (Life without the blonde is so much better!) Really got to get back to work. Bye for now!!


@jschoi - nothing to be ashamed of. We're all guilty. Some just say it better than others. I love GP and how she's grown into a super kick@$$ and agree she should be made a detective (but she's also got to come up the ranks). Hopefully next season! @kelly - there will always be negativity. I love McDanno but found Chin sorely missing this past episode. Maybe by next season it'll be better balanced. Fewer guest appearances - make the core4 shine on their own since they're more than capable. Here's hoping!


@kelley...kono has been on wayyy more now that blondie is gone. I am really happy about that. It is getting there, I really believe that. She has a storyline coming up too.


@kaydee..I know I will be begging for more new episodes. I am all for any new direction it is taking to get away from the mess that was the first half of this season. I think it is just finding its way back to the balance. I think it is heading in the right direction. Kono is supposed to get a love interest so I am really excited about that. Kono and steve are my two faves so I am looking forward to more screentime for her. She has already had more then she did when the blonde one was on....that is called progress in my opinion. Now we just need more chin.


We've had months and months of negativity about Lori and how the show was missing so much without the McDanno moments, so now that the show has gone in another direction I don't think its unusual for many not to like it. Different opinions just show that fans want different things from the show.
Overall I don't mind what direction they go in once the show remains true to the characters and we get a good balance between the team and some decent believable dialogue, which I felt was sorely missing from the last few episodes.
I enjoy all the dynamics and not just the McDanno show. Lori was blamed for taking away screentime from Kono and Chin, but nothings changed since she left and I doubt it will. The show needs to find its balance again which doesn't necassarily mean that it has to become dark and serious again.


@amazing alex - that makes 2 of us! I'm sure a few repeats will have the masses groaning and begging for new episodes (especially since we both disliked a certain character) everyone will realize just how much better these past few have been!!!

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