Hawaii Five-0 Review: Archer Hits The Mark

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This is officially my favorite episode this season. While I was sad that Lori has left the show, I can say that Tony Archer (James Caan) turned my frown upside down and made me laugh so much that by the end the episode I was saying: Lori who?!?

I’m not afraid to admit that I've had a little man-crush on Caan since the first season of Las Vegas. He and Josh Duhamel are what made the show survive when so many other programs about Vegas were failing at the time. As much as I’ve enjoyed the bromance and carugments between Scott Caan and Alex O'Loughlin, having Caan Senior in the mix just made it that much funnier. When he pointed out their “hen pecking” and offered to be their marriage counselor I was cheering. 

Danny, Tony, and Steve

Did anyone else expect some sort of nod to Scott and James being related? I really thought we would get some sort of inside joke, but that wasn’t the case. What we did get was Tony giving us some of the best quotes so far this season. 

CBS, please tell me you have the elder Caan lined up to make return visits. Not only was he humorous, but he really brought characters back down to earth; their behavior and actions seemed believable for a change. Speaking of believable...

Did you notice not one suspect took off running this week? All the way to the end when they arrested Todd I just knew someone was going to run. I was wrong. Now, before you mention Dumb and Dumber who took Raines’ body (that is how they were listed in the credits), keep in mind that they were already running before Five-0 confronted them. So they don’t count.

I also took note that they explained why Raines and Archer we’re not Hawaiian, that they had moved there from New York. Why couldn't they have done that with Frye earlier this season? Was it really so hard? I hope nobody pulled a finger writing that. 

Finally, I’m willing to let the fact that Dennis Miller was only in the episode for three minutes slide given how much they used James Caan. If I had to pick between the two, I’m taking Tony Archer over Bobby Raines every time and twice on Mondays. Here’s hoping we see Tony again real soon. 


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If the pilot sells, then we won't be seeing Lori back anytime soon. I wish Lauren German good luck. I know for her sake that this is a better situation for her, she is coming in on the beginning.


I know I probably should not start this. But I took this off of Deadline/Hollywood about Lauren German:
Lauren German has joined the cast of the NBC drama pilot Chicago Fire starring Jesse Spencer. On Wolf Films and Universal TV’s action-driven drama about the complex and heroic men and women of the Chicago Fire Department, German will play Shay, a fearless EMT who’s as comfortable with the guys in the house as she is with the women. She’s a prankster, always in on the joke and the life of the party. German, repped by UTA and Anonymous, is coming off a major arc on CBS’ Hawaii Five O.


I totally agreed with your review, Jim. James Caan is just a fresh breath of air and I hope that convo in the end, about him being the consultant to Five-O is the door to his comeback! I'm also itching for a nod to the father-son relationship, like maybe Steve will mention that they're like father-son? Lol.
When the camera pans into the woman's wrist, I knew she'd be the culprit. Better work those camera skills so it's not that obvious!
But a part of me is disappointed that we don't get anything long-term-ish in this episode. And more Kono and Chin please!


He needs some rest. He looks skinny and tired. I'm glad he took this step to make things right. I'm wondering how an episode without AOL would be. Most likely Chin or Danny (or both) are going to be in charge, since they both are detectives.


I'm so glad Alex is taking some time off to get help and I wish him all the best. When someone is in chronic pain for a long while it really shows in their face. That's probably why he's been looking so thin and gaunt. I hope Alex knows how much he is loved.


I hear Alex is having some problems and that he will miss one episode, or at least not be in most of it. I thought he looked better, but apparently he needs to take a little time to help himself. I think he was trying to do too much, hopefully the stunt men will take over now. Shows you how strong he really is to do all that he was doing even though he was in pain. Hopefully, he has learned to not push himself so much, and not take on more than he can handle. I wish him well, because without him we have no H50.


I not overly confident that they can do a Kono story line. They screwed the last one up to the point I was about to throw my tv out the window, fortunately I don't have a window. It became 3 and a half Lori story line with a minute or 2 of Kono thrown to remind us she still existed. Lori is gone so maybe they won't screw it up this time, but they will have to show me.


I share reviewer's opinion that this was the best ep. yet. The chemistry between Scott, James, and Alex was absolutely on point. Would love to see James Caan back for more in future.


@kaydee..yes life without the blonde is so much better!!! :)I cant wait for konos story either.


@jeffrey sean keith - you make a valid point. Why didn't the writers write the same way w/Lori. Maybe different writers write for different episodes. I don't know but feel that if she was brought in slowly and introduced properly and the fans were given a chance to adjust/adapt to her character, she wouldn't have made such waves. She was written as a 21st Century Superwoman but she acted as someone who couldn't seem to do anything right. It's water under the bridge now. Unfortunately if she comes back I feel her character still won't be accepted because the non-fans are still suffering from a bad taste she left in their mouths. And all the "hate" and rancor will start all over again. It's certainly not a win-win situation.

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