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Love this episode's ohana feeling once more.
Loved the bromance and Kono was able to stand up for what she believes in, shows that she's grown a lot. Steve with the tear gas was absolutely brilliant. And Danny's one liner 'Book me a towel' was hilarious. The past few episodes have really shown what H50 could achieve.


This show is absolutely fantastic.... it has everything a Class-A show should have -- talented, easy on the eyes, cast - everyone of them --
it has the action, and the tension-easing comic banter - the topper, to me, is having the characters rounded out by their love life - makes the whole thing more realistic too -- although I would love to see more of Catherine.. Steve and she are so perfect together -- no need to search anymore for Steve's love interest --


I thought this episode was hit and miss. The Steve/Danny stuff was back and so good. Loved the carguments. Steve was cute and adorable. It was great to see him smile and I loved how he encouraged Danny to move forward with Gabby. His smile in the final scene said 'mission accomplished'!!
OTOH, when are they going to find better writers? Predictable and routine plots with by-the-book action. I'm getting tired of the 'blue room'.
I'm thinking Hawaii is too pretty to produce a gritty crime drama in. I'd rather eat ground glass than make a comparison between this HF-0 and the original, but the original IMO, didn't use the location as a fifth character nearly as much.
I read somewhere that Peter Lenkov had implied the show would be moving in a different direction next season. Who knows if that's true or what it means.
HF-0 may be a procedural drama, but I don't think it's asking too much to expect it to be more believable.


STOP COMPLAINING! If you don't like it DON'T watch it!

Reviewing sucks but come on this show was GREAT last night!
So many great quotes again! "book em danno", "who would of thought of that...oh yeah you would have."

Reason for Alex (Steve) smiling a lot is because hello he just came back from a two week trip with the girl he loves!
I loved it.


This show is the most fantastic show on TV -- Can't go wrong with the mega-talented, easy on the eyes, cast.... has everything it should have for this type of show--- the action, the comic relief banter between Steve and
Danny.... and to ease tension they even have a couple of wonderful love
stories going on in there.... Although I would love to see more of
Catherine showing up -- Steve and she are so perfect together -- Let's see more of their relationship growing ---


I get that people have to write reviews. I get that some shows just suck. But, this show has been around for a few seasons, it has it followers and I for one thought last night was one of the best shows in a while. My husband and I laughed so much and had moments when we were on the edge of our seat. I loved apollo ono being in the show and I loved how close they all were as a team and outside of the job!


I thought steve was acting normal, maybe a little happier then in other episodes. He smiled alot.

Oh well, not everyone is gonna like the same things. To each their own.


@Amazingalex......I don't recall Danny's hair ever moving.

I loved this episode, plot might have been better, but absolutely in the top 5 of the season. If you don't like the team together aspect and the humor then this is not the show for you. The "reality police" have a right to their say.


After reading some of the comments I was expecting to be blown away by this episode. What a disappointment. Lame plot and almost boring. Danny's a slob and has no respect for other peoples property. The blond with the beach bum look lives on an Island and can't swim forcing Danny to suddenly show us he can swim!. Lori may not be around to spout some of her awful lines but it seems Steve is now using them. I usually LOVE Steve stunts but I was cringing at his cavalier climb up onto the roof to drop in the tear gas. The bad guy is seemingly dangerous enough to be surrouned by a Swat team but Steve just saunters in with no vest. The guy could have easily fired at him through the roof.
The banter was so forced it was childish. I hardly recognised Steve in this. He was was acting so odd and Kono seemed the only person showing any common sense and still not enough Chin. Wow what a let down.

Amazingalex, does his hair ever move????

"Book em danno"....yet another reason last night was perfect!!

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