Hart of Dixie Review: Tuckered Out

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A possible fatality. A name change. The outing of multiple secrets and a phone call to Zoe's father.

Oh, yes, Hart of Dixie sure gave fans plenty to consider with "Tributes & Triangles," the show's final new episode until April 9.

The Man of the Year

Forget Man of the Year. This was easily the Episode of the Year, at least as far as drama is concerned.

For those who sometimes complain that little actually takes place in Bluebell aside from sarcastic remarks and a few rather trite storylines that are typically wrapped up within the hour (cough... cough... yours truly... cough... cough...), this installment proved otherwise.

We were treated to major movement on the George and Zoe front, though I expect that to create some serious backlash among Team Wade members. And for good reason. What happened to that 2011 finale? Where Zoe accepted that George was with Lemon and strongly hinted that she's see what could happen between her and Wade?

It would be fine if the show explored that in some way, or gave us any indication that Zoe just couldn't fight her feelings for George. But have we really seen any of that? Over the last few weeks, Zoe and Wade simply continued to bicker like always, while we've scarcely spent any time with her and George. Her heartfelt speech about Bluebell's best lawyer sort of came out of nowhere here, didn't it?

But at least it's progress. Significant progress, at that, and connected to the intriguing development of Zoe's father coming down to operate on George's father. Kudos to the series for tying things together well in that regard. It has at least been consistent in showing that George and Zoe can talk about important life issues, such as family, while George and Lemon... they mostly just talk about whatever southern tradition she's worried about each week.

Is that enough to sell Wade fans on George? You tell me. The former does seem to have a lot more personality than the former, as his song attempts with Magnolia may have come across as random, but they still made me chuckle.

So Hart of Dixie now takes a long break with many questions in the air: Will George's dad survive? What kind of effect will Zoe's dad have on his daughter? Will George and Lemon still go through with their wedding? Will Wade just walk around with his shirt off to show Zoe what she's missing?

And will a petition be passed around to pressure Zoe into changing her name to Zoe Bon Jovi? Because, let's face it, that would be awesome.

What did everything else think of this episode and its most pressing development? Are you on board with George and Zoe? Or are you wondering why Wade was never given a chance?


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This was absolutely the best episode of Hart of Dixie ever. This is what I've been expecting for a long time and I hope the writers keep up this level of quality programming throughout the next several seasons. There was more drama in this episode than the last 2-3 episodes combined. I see why George and Zoe make sense and I am sure there will be a relationship between the two of them. There similarities as well as the bond between them can't be ignored. However, I am still on Team Wade who is clearly the underdog in the town.


This was a fantastic episode with great performances. I really like George and Zoe together. I did see chemistry right from the pilot and in the few scenes they had together. That last scene was epic, George grabbing Zoe's hand and Wade and Lemon sadly looking on. Just wow!
I don't get this second hiatus and I really hate to have to wait so long to see the next episode :(


Wade has had enough chances to show Zoe how he really feels. The problem is he thinks he's not good enough for her but she is too smitten with George to notice. Levon needs to move on Lemon is a hopeless cause. I thought the ending was really sweet with George and Zoe holding hands, they would make a good couple but Wade is a much better fit for Zoe.

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Finally, an episode with more substance than teenybopper nonsense..... Maybe the writers had their light bulbs go off....


I pretty much agree with everything T said. But I gotta say I'm almost fed up with the show. I couldn't stand this episode & hated last weeks. I'm seriously started to hate Lavon who started out as one of my favorite characters. Zoe is even getting on my nerves. Lavon pining after Lemon is ridiculous & embarrassing. Get over it already. She clearly loves George & he clearly loves Lemon. And this thing with Zoe all of a sudden in love with George, it did come out of left field. They've had few scenes together & all I've seen is good friends talking & giving each other advice. No chemistry whatsoever. Whereas with Wade,it jumps off the screen. I haven't liked how they have written their relationship in the past few episodes.They were cute when they were trying to pull one over on each other in the Sweetie Pie episode, but since then it has gone down hill. I've started to lose faith in the show plus it seems like the network wants to cancel it with this long hiatus.


I am all for George and Zoe. I think there is real potential there. As far as Lemon, I actually don't dislike her. I think she doesn't know who she is, and she thinks marrying George will make her into what she should be. I know she loves him, but I think she still has feeling for Levon too. And I disagree with the comment about her being too uptight and bringing Levon down. I think she's like that with George, but from what we know about her relationship with Levon, she was much more free spirited. It would be quite the twist for a Wade and Lemon hook up though!


I am definitely Team Wade, but I do like George, but following soap opera logic just because they are so close right now over family issues they are going to both start to think that a relationship will be disastrous. I am also guessing that Zoe's father treats her like crap and Wade comes to her defense in a way that really opens Zoe's eyes (I am also guessing Brick helps out). When were just doing flashbacks of Lavon and Lemon, I thought they were a really good match, but I am less on board now (I seem to like Lavon too much). You almost hope that Zoe gets really irritated with Lemon and comes up with a friend who might fit in (I am guessing a flighty and well traveled college roommate type) Blubell really well and might just be the type of excitement that Lavon needs.


They also say opposites attrack. Lavon and Lemon ..night and day..no pun intended. He 's so laid back and she is so uptite. He will spend the rest of his life crawling around trying to keep her happy and that will bring him down, that's if they end up together. I,personally ,hope not. They'll never have sex. She'll (Lemon) be crying all the time and poor Lavon. He will be walking on egg shells. I think George,being a lawyer, can handle Lemon's ups and downs and squeeze in a li'l sex. All he has to do is look at Zoe and Lemon will comply. and he knows it now. That would be a good twist in the story.


I can't get my thoughts straight about Lemon. Zoe too. They both form an opinion and express it and then it turns into a hastle. Like with George's father taking the heart attack or whatever. As it turns out I think Lemon is responsible for George's father's collapse. Some characters should keep their opinions to themselves but then we wouldn't have our twists and turns about the characters we hate or love and then love or hate. Team Wade/Zoe


I agree with T, I love this show and would like to see a second season, but it's hard to keep their audience when they go on hiatus in the middle of the year...,
As for z/g, i'm rooting for them since the pilot, when Wade wasn't in the picture yet. Also, I may be the only one, but i like Lavon and Lemon together, it seems like he's the only one who can get her to open up, she seems different around him, not so uptight. Overall, a great episode, different from the usual patient of the week storylines.

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