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Loved this episode. One of the best episodes this show has ever had.

Amy Acker, even after all those years since angel the series ended, is still FABULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL and awesome. And yet again gets to play a tragic character.

There's not even one thing I would dislike about this episode. :3


Anyway, to the show...Great review!! Thank you, Grimm. I am never, ever going to Portland. Grossest case ever. And the moving finger - goodness gracious...

I liked this case, because I like the idea of some creatures having a biological imperative to do what do for survival. I also like how openly defiant Nick and EDDIE (haha) are being, having a snack on an open park bench. But my favourite part had to be bad-ass Nick scaring the crap out of those creatures - I LOVE how he uses that to his advantage. "Don't make me come back here." HA!!

One thought on the review - I think the affliction was just the female of the species (kinda like the female black widow spider). The males probably live on normally, the females have to kill to live. She wouldn't have just looked old, she would have died of old age. I don't think it was as much protecting her family as it was trying to stay with them because she loved them.


Hmmmm...I think this site is being trolled every week by someone saying that Monroe's name isn't Eddie. The first week was fine. Twice was a coincidence. But the third week in a row? I smell a troll...


Please do a google search for "Why Monroe's name isn't Eddie."


Well sure, Nick kind of scared all those weaker creatures, but they thought he was coming to kill them. I imagine they would be quite pleased at the fact that he is willing to remain friendly, and in essence just asked them to stay away from his house. He didn't ask them to stay in theirs or anything; they know he's simply protecting his territory, like they would. I'm thinking this group and family come in and play a similar role to Eddie. While not as central to the plot, they will become comedic relief and will probably become a part of Nick's good-guy creature possee when the real battles start happening.


Loved it because Nick is finally being the big bad! Kids are afraid of him? This is a great twist!

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