Grimm Review: Assassination and Anxiety

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"Tarantella" dipped its toes back into the procedural pool this week, and I’m completely fine with that... even if the case didn’t leave much to be desired. Why? Because Grimm carried a few things over from the last few episodes that I’ve begun to thoroughly enjoy.

Amy Acker on Grimm

First up is this week’s case, with a creature who seduces her pray, then proceeds to liquefy their organs and sucks them dry. Congratulations, Grimm, you guys have officially given Bones a run for its money in the disgustingly gross department. It’s still making me a little nauseous as I type this.

Getting back to the case, there isn’t much about it that really captured my interest. The ending was  suspenseful and my heart was racing as I wondered if Nick was going to get hurt. Especially because the Trailer Journals showed yet another creature that stalks their prey from up above – a trait Nick is ridiculously good at glancing over.

I can understand the appeal of this type of story. Just like Nick, most of these creatures have stories that are anything other than the kill or be killed attitude that has persisted for decades. This creature was no different. She had a family she was protecting... from her rapid aging? Wait, what? This could have worked if her husband and/or child weren’t same creature as her nor in the know about her. Instead, this set up just undoes her character.

In a family of these creatures, they can age rapidly together and live a somewhat normal life instead of one filled with murders and cover-ups. Yes, a case can be made that it’s hard to go against your natural inclinations, but you would think family trumps it all. The daughter and husband both would have understood why mommy looked elderly and vice versa.

And there lies some of the strengths and weaknesses of a weekly procedural. Some stories will just fall flat for some people and others will rise to the top. The great thing for me was this story wasn’t left open-ended. Mommy murderer was last seen rapidly aging in a prison and we can move on to next week’s case.

The highlight of “Tarantella” is how comfortable Nick has gotten about using his Grimm abilities to further his investigations and using the fear associated with his lineage to exert power over some of the “weaker” creatures.

Will those kinds of actions come back to bite him? Oh yeah. The creatures will no doubt take Nick’s leisurely walk in and threaten to heart, by going against his wishes and telling everyone what he did. But that excites me, I’m ready to learn more about Grimms, and I’m happy to see Nick embrace what makes him unique instead of trying to run from it. What makes things even better is Nick is concerned for Juliette who has been sticking her neck out more and more into Nick's world, he's worried about her, and all that will hopefully come crashing together soon.

Overall, “Tarantella” won’t go down as the best episode of Grimm this season, but there was enough here to keep me entertained for the hour. I just hope Juliette and Eddie come back with bigger stories again next week.

Two other thoughts:

  1. As great as it was to watch Eddie and Nick hang out and have a coffee being actual friends. I would rather Eddie get back in the field with Nick and have some fun.
  2. Hank is back to using lame puns. Glad you’re back after that awkward week you had!


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Kitanishi h mcdonald

Loved this episode. One of the best episodes this show has ever had. Amy Acker, even after all those years since angel the series ended, is still FABULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL and awesome. And yet again gets to play a tragic character. There's not even one thing I would dislike about this episode. :3


Anyway, to the show...Great review!! Thank you, Grimm. I am never, ever going to Portland. Grossest case ever. And the moving finger - goodness gracious... I liked this case, because I like the idea of some creatures having a biological imperative to do what do for survival. I also like how openly defiant Nick and EDDIE (haha) are being, having a snack on an open park bench. But my favourite part had to be bad-ass Nick scaring the crap out of those creatures - I LOVE how he uses that to his advantage. "Don't make me come back here." HA!! One thought on the review - I think the affliction was just the female of the species (kinda like the female black widow spider). The males probably live on normally, the females have to kill to live. She wouldn't have just looked old, she would have died of old age. I don't think it was as much protecting her family as it was trying to stay with them because she loved them.


Hmmmm...I think this site is being trolled every week by someone saying that Monroe's name isn't Eddie. The first week was fine. Twice was a coincidence. But the third week in a row? I smell a troll...


Please do a google search for "Why Monroe's name isn't Eddie."


Well sure, Nick kind of scared all those weaker creatures, but they thought he was coming to kill them. I imagine they would be quite pleased at the fact that he is willing to remain friendly, and in essence just asked them to stay away from his house. He didn't ask them to stay in theirs or anything; they know he's simply protecting his territory, like they would. I'm thinking this group and family come in and play a similar role to Eddie. While not as central to the plot, they will become comedic relief and will probably become a part of Nick's good-guy creature possee when the real battles start happening.

Ronald simkins

Loved it because Nick is finally being the big bad! Kids are afraid of him? This is a great twist!

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