Grey's Anatomy to Meet Private Practice: Crossover Event Promo!

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Grey's Anatomy celebrated Valentine's Day last night, while Private Practice introduced viewers to Sam's troubled sister.

Next Thursday, though, both these Shonda Rhimes creations will come together once again, as the latest crossover event will feature Amelia arriving at Seattle Grace to beg her brother to help save Erica's life. SPOILER ALERT: Derek accepts the mission.

Grey's fans can also look forward to Cristina and Owen undergoing marriage counseling, while the residents continue to study for their boards; and Private Practice viewers should expect Scott to try and take his relationship with Violet to the next level.

Watch a combined promo for this two-hour event now:

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For the people who don't watch PP... will they come out as a 2 hour double or do we watch one on PP and then the next on GA? And which goes first?!


Want to know who Alex is yelling at to get on a plane now?
Mer and Der look really worried about something, don't know if it is Janet walking behind Derek and Cris but sure does look like her. Believe Der's look is more of a case that Cristina has gone to find him when Amelia arrive's at the hospital.
Mer is apparently taken under Callie's wing with her studies so must be to do with the meat grinder SL.
Anyone else feel that by the end everyone is going to be fighting to have Mer on their service cos she ace's her boards.
90secs to save Erica that's all they have, of course they will with 1sec remaining :-0 come on this is team Shepherd.
Going to be an interesting/intense 2 hours.


@ Jean Banks I think you mean Snow Patrol "Called out in the dark". a great song indeed:)


Jay, I think it's Zola. I really hope it's not but look at Mer's face in the beginning of the promo and Janet is walking behind Derek and Cristina.

Tracy lloyd micks heiba

I Love it when they cross-over!!! Perfect opportunity with Derek operating on Erica! I'm sure Shonda had it planned all along and just loves to surprise us fans! So Scott is going to try and take the relationship to the next level with Violet? I wonder how she'll respond since she is saying "it's just sex!" and nothing else! Plus she did take notice when Pete got jealous of them!!


looks to be ahmazzzzzing.... cant wait. :)


The beautiful song at the end of last night's show..Feb.9, 2012 Would like to know song and artist


You don't need ESP to know the outcome of the cross-over.


Why is Alex running so frantically who is his patient?

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I have a study buddy but my stupid study buddy is busy trying to save her stupid marriage.