Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview Clips: MerDer Car Sex!

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How times change.

In a clip from tomorrow night's Grey's Anatomy, we see just how far Meredith and Derek have come since they were first hooking up in the car back in 2005. This Valentine's Day, they try to bring back the old magic, and while the chemistry is certainly still there ... someone else is also there. All the time.

We've all been there, right, parents?

Should be a fun episode. Two other clips from "All You Need is Love" appear below.

In the first sneak peek, Bailey teases Ben about their upcoming dinner date. Those high heels might even push her over 5'! In the second, Cristina worries that husband Owen is on the cusp of leaving her.

The blowoff he gives her at the end certainly backs up her theory, but that doesn't mean she's going to grovel, she says. Cristina Yang is gifted. She doesn't beg. Watch below and see what you think ...

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