Grey's Anatomy Review: Two Shepherds, One Battle

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Grey’s Anatomy returned tonight with "Have You Seen Me Lately?," the first hour in the GA/Private Practice Crossover Event. There were a few intense surgeries and an even bigger battle. Time to discuss.

Study Buddy. Boards are coming up for the residents and Webber has convinced Callie to work with Meredith. This is totally the right move. These two are both hardcore and do not get paired up enough. Watching them work together will most definitely be entertaining, especially if they continue to work on cases like putting a toe on a hand! Callie’s study methods may be the thing to help Mer prove she is as good as her last name.

In typical Alex fashion, he used his pregnant intern to help him study. The real Alex made an appearance when she had a heart attack and a premature baby. There is no other resident that is more perfect for Peds. He may be cynical but he loves saving those kids. The only issue is that the writers are all across the board with him. He’s sweet and caring one week, a jackass the next. The cycle goes round and round. We have seen real progress made for this character and it’s time to see him move forward. Or get a love interest. Balls in your court, Shonda.

Avery and Sloan

Be My Person. Wow. That was intense. Cristina and Owen hit up couples therapy to work on their issues that ultimately kept falling back on the abortion. Owen complained that Cristina is still a “twisted sister” with Meredith and that she should have a baby.

Here is the thing: Yang has always been upfront about her stance on children. Owen knew this and if it was a deal breaker, they never should have gotten married. The future is not looking too bright for these two and I imagine I am not alone in thinking they should separate for a while. Plus, there is no one more bad a** than a broken-hearted robot Cristina.

Get Out! Let it be said that Jackson and Mark may make the sexiest tag team of docs ever. Avery got some guts and kicked Bailey out of his OR with Sloan’s backup. You can now add this quality to their list of best bromance ever. Now, I, too, like my Bailey with a bit of bossiness. But even I would have gave her the boot.

Double Dose of Shepherd. In hour one, Amelia arrived at SGH to get Derek’s help for Erica. McDreamy was right to be concerned about his baby sis but it’s time for the Shepherds to do work. Come on, “it’s a beautiful night to save lives.” 

Only downside to this is that Amelia spent time with the wrong Grey. Even though Lexie is on Neuro, it would have been much better to see her interact with her sister-in-law. Maybe in the second hour...

Lex, Der

Small Doses:

  • Gotta love the shout out to the ice pick Owen pulled out of Cristina. Oh, the early days of love.
  • Callie working with Mer means more screen time. It’s about time.
  • The hand-in-meat-grinder case may have been the most disgusting in a long time. Pretty much awesome.
A solid hour to the start of the annual crossover event. Make sure to check out the review for Private Practice to get the details on the second hour. Will Amelia and Derek succeed in Erica’s surgery? Are Cristina and Owen headed for a divorce? Is Callie going to help Meredith pass her boards? Sound off and let us know!


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god, hope now that Derek listens to her a bit, he'll help her more and stop judging !
Aaaaaand awesomest team of the night : Callie and Mer ! I think they worked together before, but that was a loooong time ago. But man, that guy's hand in a grinder was awesome ! Hope these 2 have more screen time a not just a whim from the producers to see how they interact.
So yep, loved the episode ! Next one is next week or 15/03 as well ??


Avery, goooooooood ! Bailey as much as love her, she should have been out much earlier than that ! Yes she is an authority figure, so fear was normal, but she was a total BITCH in there, distracting the poor bastard with his hands inside a patient ! These 2 men, Mark and Avery, what a team !
And u also have Karev and Arizona, I love them together ! Finally coming fresh Karev, was about time ! But I too, feel like when he takes a step forward, those damn writers make him take 2 backward ! Give the man a break !
The Shepherds ! Yep, need to join forces to work well, she certainly has strange methods, but I was really interested, and her addiction...


That is NOT the way ! And thanks now I could remember that talk with Teddy in the OR, her fist surgery I think, what, he thought she was jocking, she just does not want kids?! She doesn't need to have a reason, man that pissed me off soo much ! And that therapy, not good ! Give them space, and THEN we'll see. But one thing is for sure, it keeps going back to that damn abortion ! And WTF was that, Mer had a baby so she should have one ! Since they're sooo close ! That is exactly what led to them being apart when Derek got shot ! And if I recall he's the one who told Mer, that yes they're that close but so different ! So how come he can forget that well, uh ?


The episode was very intense... Webber, the man is goood, comin in and out of the darkness to give Callie her mission : work with Mer to help her pass the Board . It felt like a spy thing, sorry, too much Chuck lol. Puppet master...and he's good at it !
Huh, is it me or, SLexie was not even mentionned in the episode, coz that is what I was waiting for, after last week's episode, and NOTHING. I want them to be back together soo hard !
CrOwen...I don't know what to say. I looooove the couple but lately not so much, but I have to agree, even though he knew she didn't want kids, he jump and married thinking, hoping she would change...


I agree that there should have been more Mer/Amelia interaction. I've thought since Amelia first showed up on Private Practice that she would get along well with Meredith. I think that personality-wise they are very similar. And I also agree that Private Practice isn't really my favorite show. I usually only watch it to see what's happening with Addison & now Amelia. That being said, I thought the cross-over was good. Charlotte totally stole the show and the kid who plays Mason is a really good actor. The thing I could have done without was the angry-spouse drama. Aka Cristina/Owen and Violet/Pete. I like love stories; not watching them begin hate each other. I see plenty of marriages fall apart in real life & don't think it's particularly entertaining. I also agree that they should all come back next year. A Merderless Grey's Anatomy seems like a really depressing concept. Oh and I agree with everyone who said it would be cool if Mere was pregnant! I would be so excited!


Wish Amelia had a chance to meet with Zola and Meridith = Do not like Lexie with Derek= Lexie should go to peds- Put Meridith back with Der = Was not happy with the crossover, not being a fan of Private Practice felt that since surgery was in Seattle, calling for a two hour crossover was not really a full crossover, just a way of getting more viewing of Pr.Prac. SORRY= Meridith being a great surgeon, she could be a general surgeon, but still work with Derek on special cases. Hopefully both Mer and Der will be back next season, maybe for two.


I agree with you about Cristina, not everyone wants children. She doesn´t want them, she shouldn´t have them. It doesn´t make her a horrible person.
That said, I´m pro life and if she doesn´t want a baby and she can´t have a tubal ligation, she needs to improve her birth control methods. But... Owen wants children. And like Cristina, that doesn´t make him a bad husband. Cristina has always been clear about not wanting kids, but sometimes you want something so badly that you think the other person would change his mind (which isn´t Cristina´s fault) For me this is a deal breaker.
Cristina doesn´t want kids, she shouldn´t have them.
Owen wants kids, he should have them.
It wouldn´t be fair to either of them to do otherwise because of the other one.
Maybe they would eventually come up with a great solution, but i don´t see which one could be.
I personally believe they need to get a divorce.


Christina and Owen...*sigh*. No one should hate Owen. It's just a sad situation of "the wants heart what the heart wants." When you fall in love, you think you can work it out, figure things out. And when you can't, you lash out because the truth is too hard to accept. This is what Owen is going through. I am a fan the couple. But in real life, couples divorce over this. In real life, Owen would be with a woman who wants kids and Christina will be with someone who has the same desire to not have kids. It will be interesting how television storytelling/GA writers resolves this. And of course, because this is TELEVISION I suggest the story writers forget about reality and go with the concept of the "Christina learning that there is more to life than being a surgeon" or the Christina struggling to "have it all."


@Pat I think the latest word on whether Patrick Dempsey will stay on the show or not was an interview in which he said he would stay as long as they let him race cars and be in movies too. Basically he wants so room to take some time off next season. Ellen I think said she'd probably stay if he stayed. And all of the other original cast members are also up for new contracts this year which means they could potentially loose Alex, Bailey and The Chief too. I think they're supposed to have it figured out sometime next month, but I don't know if they will tell us one way or another until after the season ends or even when the next one starts. We'll just have to wait and find out, but my gut says Patrick will stay at least part time because he has been getting less and less sure about his decision to leave over the past couple years.


I like that Cristina brought up the fact that he supported her at the time. You can't retroactively not support something. Owen's a dick- I get his frustration, but not wanting kids is not a crime. I liked the episode, but I realised later most of it was really forgettable, like a lot of grey's episodes recently. I'm sick of the yoyo act they're pulling with Alex. It's like they're afraid of making him permanently nicer. Itd be weird if Meredith was pregnant, but it's possible they just needed to fill in time with the ep, not have there be a big underlying reason.

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