Grey's Anatomy Review: Meeting Meredith Webber

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So... what did you think?

Grey’s Anatomy aired its the much buzzed about alt-reality episode this week, "If/Then." Any installment whose premise is a dream sequence for the entire hour is bound to be subpar, right? Wrong. An hour that I believed to be total filler (mostly because Shondaland has to be running out of stories) may have been just that, but it was also enjoyable, and light and left me wondering: WHAT IF?

Let’s be clear that although this imaginary world was fun and different, I wouldn’t want to be watching it week after week. So let’s get to it - time to discuss the alternate reality that is Seattle Grace.

Family, Yet Unfamiliar

Bright and Shiny. Well, this was a completely different Meredith Grey Webber. The girl in the bubble gum pink sweater was the polar opposite of the woman we've been watching for years. Living in a house with her parents, Ellis and Richard, and engaged to geeky Alex?!? Wow. One that thing that wasn’t different? Ellis was still a world class surgeon and awful mother/person.

The best thing about this scenario was having Richard as Mer’s dad. This relationship is absolutely one of the highlights of this series. This also put Meredith on the other side of things - having her husband fiance cheat on her in the hospital. Super sweet moment of Mer crying on her dad’s shoulder.

Gotta love Meredith and Derek (McDreary) meeting up at Joe’s. “You’re just a guy in a bar.” Nice nod to the pilot.

Mer and Alex

Welcome home, Addison! Kate Walsh took a break from her less than stellar show to reprise her role as Addison. Oh, how i have missed those high arched eyebrows. P.S. Thank you for getting McSteamy back to his shirtless self. 

And it looks like Addi and Mark finally got to have that baby. Speaking of Sloan...

I was a little disappointed that Mark didn’t make an appearance until the end, but his heroic carrying in of junkie Lexie was awesome. Girl rocked those dreads and tattoos, too.

The Shepherds

Cristina Yang. First of all, terrible bangs. But it was nice to see that Yang still made it to the cardio god she is today. Cristina found her way, back to her person and the caring girl to Owen’s PTSD.

Owen, Callie, and their family were pretty boring, though. Things were just awkward.

“Shoot Me Now.” Charles is alive and well, not having died in Bailey’s arms. With only a few lines, at least he made them zingers.

Miranda Mandi Bailey. Without having Webber guide her through her early days, Bailey was a timid and soft spoken fired doctor. Pretty much my least favorite part. I like my Bailey bursting at the mouth and putting people in their places.

Bailey with Braids!

Nods to the Characters of Yesterday. Even though this was an episode with no point, you have to appreciate the mentioning of characters’ past.

  • Yang having slept with Burke drove him out of the state. I miss the days of Preston Burke and his tight fitted turtlenecks.
  • Izzie slept with a patient and stole a heart for him. Guess things didn’t change for her.
  • George still was called 007 and never passed his intern test. Too bad he never got to save the guy in the elevator.

This was an episode that shouldn’t be kept on the DVR, but was worth watching once. Taking a break from the complicated world of SG is ok, but only for an hour. Let’s make a promise to not do this again this season.

It was better than the musical episode, but not as good as the standard installments of Grey’s Anatomy. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Was this an hour you would like to get back or did you enjoy the imaginary world? Would you rather things be the way they are or the alternate version? Sound off and let us know what you thought. Don’t forget to check back for the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. Until next time...


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(cont) i think that shonda is a unique talent when it comes to storytelling, and keeping a show like this going for 8 seasons just speaks for itself. and we shouldn't forget that as an artist she wants to try new things and new concepts of storytelling, so i get that after years of establishing the show in a "traditional" way you want to get some of your own crazy ideas in there - such as this epi, the musical, the documentary epi or the golden hour..
i'm sorry for the rant, i just feel like some fans think they have the attitude that shonda needs to cater every single one of their needs or they're just gonna stop watching, and that's pissing me off a bit.
i guess what i'm trying to say is: there have been storylines and episodes that i liked more, and those that i liked less, but i never felt like watching was a waste of time.


I really liked the episode! I mean, I get that it didn't drive the actual storylines any further, and of course that's what we all want to see - the REAL drama, the character development, etc. BUT what I don't get is people whining about the characters being so "different" - well, that was the point of this whole epi! I sometimes feel like people should be reminded of the fact that this is just a tv show, that it is all fiction, and that, in the case of this specific episode, it was an alternative universe within the whole fiction... yes, shows like grey's exist because the fans are invested in the characters - and i am no exception! i've had my share of storylines that i've actually dreaded but still, it has always been a great show, and honestly, if every little thing had always gone the way i would have wanted it to i probably wouldn't be watching anymore cause i would've gotten bored with the show.


The whole point of the episode is what would have happened if Ellis never had Alzheimer's. It's pretty clear that the people who should have ended up together by relationship or by friendship still ended up together. That's the beauty of this episode. Meredith was still "damaged" by having a "Christina" as a mom but she ended up with a father (Richard) who basically protected her and put a band aid on that fact. Obviously I thought about this so much but that's because I'm such a fan of Shondas work. She still stayed true to characters (Alex using Mer to advance his career, April having no spine but also using Mer, Jackson having those soulful eyes and not seeing Lexie as a lost cause). I'm also very sick with the flu so I do have a bit of free time on my hands to reflect in my feverish disposition.


Merediths character was shaped on her experience of not having a sympathetic mother and an absent father. In this reality it made her focus on pleasing her mom and stepfather Richard which caused her to not care about her fellow intern classmates Izzy and George when they had failed at being interns. They also failed because Bailey was a good teacher so without Miranda Bailey instilling the fear of God or going to bat for them, the class was unable to bond and look out for each other. (cont 2)


I loved this episode. I could see how all of this came about if Ellis did not have Alzheimer's. I mean its clear that Derek was lured to Seattle because of his talent and Addison followed to save their marriage. Derek still would have walked in on Addison and Mark but because he didnt have true love Meredith was forcing him to make a choice or basically being the better choice he opted to "make his marriage work" without ever really forgiving Addie for sleeping with her best friend. It clearly shows that Meredith was able to fare well not having the reminder that Thatcher was an awful dad and because of this Thatcher never tried to overcompensate for his shortcomings and killed himself when Susan died of the hiccups. Thus never pushing Lexie to try hard to succeed and having her cure her "illness" of being Lexipedia.


I really enjoyed the episode, it was well written and reminded me of the earlier seasons I used to love. Also good to see that the couples that belong together eventually find each other. They needed to make this 2 parts. not only 1 episode.


The Der/Addi/Mark was inevitable as well, and that baby was the one she aborted...interesting. Mer/Webber, 'Dad' ?! Lol, always nice these two... And the mystery, who's new Lexie's sister lool. That's why I fear that this week's episode will continue this one...
It was light hearted, yes, but please, don't do this to us or yourself Shonda, especially when the ratings were starting to get better !
P.S. : Mer in "nice girl mode" was disgusting loool ! They at least mentionned old characters, still... And Cris, "The Terror" lmao ! And Charles, not dead, Yay !


I didn't like it...My mouth was still hanging open after 10 minutes wondering 'WHAT THE H... IS THIS'. The previous episode left us with a BIG conflict: Cris and Owen. Okay the beginning showed us some, but c'mon ! The had nooo imagination (or too much). So couples were totally a surprise and not a good one... Bailey keeping her mouth shut was outrageous ! Webber loosing his balls to Ellis, LOL. It was nice seeing her but grey scrubs, SERIOUSLY and the blue ones, hideous ! Though some characters kept their traits and iinevitably were pulled to each other Mer/Der, Mer/Cris, Mark/Lexie(who's name was different/Avery and Alex/Kepner and Calzona...and Cris/Owen( with kids lol) Though I kinda hoped it would be Kepner/Avery.


i love Alex and April!i hope in this relationship!Izzie stay to home!


I love it. I like the references to past episodes: a shirtless Mark, the "I'm just a girl in a bar" scene, the badass Bailey we know...I love it. I hate Ellis. Thank you for reminding me why. And I love that at the end of it, it's all about fate. MerDer were fated to be together. It just got delayed a little. Arizona and Callie were supposed to be together, Callie's crush on Arizona and Owen's chemistry with Cristina. I love it. Thank you. Now let's go back and get more good stuff. By the way, can we get more quotes? Especially Mer's opening and closing lines.

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