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Teddy works for Owen as Chief of Surgery. In the 'real world' she would not last long talking to her boss like she has been. He can easily discipline her and tell her to shape up or quit. She needs to go to what is called in the work world 'charm school.' The bottom line is the work and she clearly can't do her job.


I'm not annoyed with Teddy, she deserve a pain moment, she lost her husband and her best friend lied to her.
Owen haven't right to be mad with Christina because he always knew what she wants (not have kids). In episode 6.19 when Teddy, Callie, Yang and Owen were doing a cirurgery in a police women she told everyone that she doesn't wanted kids.
So he knew from the beginning, he just think that she will grow up and will want kids.
Adele and Richard are heart breaking, they storyline are so sad.
Mark is annoying and all his crap, every second he is on screen are a waste of time. I hope Lexie doesn't back to him.


I'm not annoyed with teddy, although I seem to be alone in this. Owen needs to leave her alone! Shes doing her job, trying to grieve and hes posturing her ast every turn! If I tell somebody to leave me be and they do tge exact opposite ast every turn I'd be pissed too!


The medicine is so bad. don't you all have tech advisers
ecmo and liquid vent would never be used in premie
oscillation is standard

the predictor does not exist except at the time of birth and is quoted as being overly optimistic

parents watch and believe this bad fiction.


1) Teddy just leave.. please you are annyoing me soo much. Yes it was bad and yes your husband is dead, but i mean look at her she is a mess - and thats ok, she should take a break or talk to someone. I bet something is going to happen to one of her patients cause she cant concentrate. Owen should stop letting her talk to him like she wants. this is an or - so either you put yourself together or you ***** off - i really hate her at the moment ;)
2) Mark Sloane = Hot, Mark Sloane + Spanish = super hot ;) He is soo funny i love it, the things he says and then the smile ;) when he said to april how awesome Averys Bones are ;) Why is he still in love with lexie tho? annoying. I want Sloane and Lexie - happy NOW ;)
3) Owen is not cheating, Im sure - they slowly have to decide if they wanna be together or not - if he cant get over the baby thing - why are u still together? even i love them together !


I've thought this through and I think that the season finale will include Christina being the only one to fail her boards. She's flaming out over her marriage/love with Owen. She's finally becoming a "human" not a "robot with ice in her veins" as she's been called multiple times. It may be what Owen needs to see in her, but maybe it's not what Christina needs and it might just be the death of them. Teddy may turn up pregnant with Henry's baby and she and Owen may end up together. Personally I hope Teddy would just leave completely and as irritated as I am with Owen, he can go with her.


Serial killer lover, will you miss Cristina when Sandra Oh is written off the show? :)


I think Cris is very distracted and this may affect her chances of passing her boards.Owen has a lot of bad karma with Altman and his marriage problems,somethings gotta give.
MarLexAv back as a SL.Avery still having a thing for Lex,that was the last thing Mark wanted to hear.
Nice to see the dads step up,Der was really worried until Bailey put him straight.Just fleeting MerDer, but at I can cope with Zola as a subsitute for Mer.I hope Lex is persuaded to move to peads



I think that if Arizona wasn't gay, it would have been a disaster cause Alex and her would have got together and he would have fucked it up like he did with Addison. It's much better that he has a mentor with whom nothing can happen.


basically anything with Sloan in this episode (besides the elevator scene) had me dying of laughter!!

Adele and Richard are heartbreaking! I like Alex/April and i still kinda like Lexie/Avery (idk what it is but i do!)

Mer/Der are always on a roll!!!

I think it would be out of character for Owen to cheat but you never know what writers will do.

Grey's has been SO GOOD this season hope they finish out strong!! still hoping Mer and Der will be back but I havent been keeping up with will they or wont they

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