Grey's Anatomy Review: Burning Love

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Questioning of infidelity. Questioning of vows. Questioning of skill. All of these were tackled in the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, "If Only You Were Lonely." So let’s get to it; time to discuss!

Richard in Green

Cases. A nearby coffee shop had an explosion with a machine, sending in some burn victims. How heartbreaking was it that the employee had no idea who her customer was that was so into her? What I do know is that they were some nasty looking injuries. Best part about the case is that it gave a chance for Sloan to have some screen time.

Speaking of... Mark wants to hook Jackson up with someone so he can relieve a little tension. First prospect = April. Even if this doesn’t happen now, it needs to happen at some point! Second prospect = Julia’s friend. Jackson is not interested. Sloan realized it’s because he still is carrying a torch for Little Grey. Could this become a problem for the pair at some point?

Just want to make a note that Jackson and Avery are the new and official BFF/Bromance. Derek and Sloan hardly have any buddy scenes together anymore, even though we were treated to the hot docs and their babies in this episode. Which pairing do you like better?

13%. These are the chances for Morgan’s baby, but if Alex has anything to say about it, he is not going to let anything happen to that boy. Having the parents both be doctors makes you wonder: How do you separate what you know as a doctor but what you want as a parent? That has got to be tough. 

Alex Stepping Up

This case is showing a great side of Alex. He does his best with children. Now the question is, who is on board for an Alex/Morgan hookup? She gave Chris an out and he took it. Gil McKinney played this role and it took me a few minutes to place him. For any Friday Night Lights fans out there, he was Julie’s TA in the final season. Looks like he is good at playing the bad guy because he was a jerk on both.

Heartbreak In The Home. Ohh, Richard. You cannot catch a break. Adele’s condition keeps getting worse and even burned his arm. Meredith recommends checking out the home where Ellis went. I am not sure what is in the cards for these two, but I can guarantee that it will be a tear jerker if anything happens to Mrs. Webber. I have said it before and I am saying it again: Loretta Devine is amazing. This woman deserves an award for her work on this show. 

Adele and Richard Webber

“I Don’t Have Time!” So Cristina is thinking that Owen is cheating on her. Is she wrong to make that assumption? Absolutely not. The signs are there. He isn’t coming home at night, the nurse changed her schedule, they are going through a rough patch. But would Owen actually cheat? Not so sure. This is a good arc to give these two. Kudos to the writers for what is looking to be a well-developed story for the broken couple.

The nurse in question was guest star Summer Glau. I have seen her in a handful of things, but each time they showed her I couldn’t help but think “Man, she looks like Winnie Cooper.” Anyone else agree?

Here is hoping that she sticks around for a few more episodes, at least until we see resolution. If she doesn’t, then what a waste of a guest spot. Did she even have any talking lines?

After Thoughts.

  • Meredith and Derek are on a roll lately. Who else laughed at Miranda coming over to show Derek how to do Zola’s hair??
  • Teddy goes off again on Owen, this time in the OR. Callie is right, you can’t have that happening when you are the Chief of Surgery.
  • Not much happening for April lately. Time to get the girl a boyfriend or a big case. 
  • “I’m going to make the boards my b*tch!” Instant Classic.
So what did you think, Grey’s fans? Was this episode a little slow for your taste? It felt like the writers were setting up arcs for the remainder of the season. The relationship between Cristina and Owen, the possible hookup for Jackson and the triangle with Lexie and Mark, Teddy with a new grant, Callie helping Meredith. It was a solid episode, not the best of the season, but enjoyable and entertaining. Basically what we look for from Grey’s Anatomy. So hit the comments and let us know what you thought.

Is Owen cheating on Cristina? What’s going to happen to Adele? Can Teddy forgive Owen? 


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I honestly dislike Lexie so much, like Mer once said her heart lies in he v*****. On the other hand I luvvvv Avery she doesn't deserve his love at all, hope she gets back to grandpa "Mark". I am holding thumbs for an April-Jackson hook-up!


Love Grey's but read somewhere that it's not being renewed. Say it isn't so.
Big question - does anyone remember what year/episode is was when George was severly injured saving someone from being killed by a bus. He was so badly injured and disfigured that none of the docs at SGH knew it was him.


GREAT EPISODE! Seriously, whenever the Grey's episode is great I always dread the possibility that it'll end soon or some of the characters won't be back after next season. Lexie is extremely shippable and as much as I want her to end up with Mark, I want something to happen to her with either Avery or Alex (since they were pretty cute in this episode but i doubt it'll be him since they're possibly raring for a morgan-alex thing)... Just so Mark can get jealous and realize that he can't take it anymore, not being with Lexie. Seriously, it's been a long time already, Shonda! Mark was funny in this episode! Especially when he was talking Spanish to Sophia and talking to Kepner!


I enjoyed last week's epi 16, there were odd moments for my fav couple Owen rejected Cristina ? she's getting crazy and suspected Owen could have a affair?
the music of birdy-Terrible Love is great!! the last scene of Crowen make me very heartache, I'm rooting for CrOwen, can't wait to see the next epi


OMG will Lexie ever make up her mind? who does she like? mark probably still likes her Jacksons still in love with her and she in peds with Alex! she will probably end up with Mark but i just love Jackson so much and hope they get back together for some of the time anyway


Owen's an ASS! Cristina told him in season six when he had his problems with PTSD that she doesnt want to have kids! It was in the OR and Callie was like really and C said, hey have you met me, NO! Owen was there, he heard that, he even asked C so, you don't want to have kids? Hmm. And that was it. He knew that so all that crap about Cristina telling him that when they were already married or whatever... Geez, I hate that guy right now!
But - I do hope he comes to his senses and they make up, their marriage will survive but how do you fully survive that? This is big and is gonna be hard to forget, I would think in real life it would. A problem like that.. it doesnt just go away. And - despite everything i dont think Owen would ever cheat on Cristina. He can be an ass but I dont think he'd ever cheat on her or anybody just like that.


Loved how they dealt with the cultural hair needs for Zola. Bailey said what every black female wants to say to whites raising girls with black hair!


I don't think Owen is cheating in the "black and white" sex way, but I think he is avoiding home, enjoying attention of someone new, and embarking on an emotional affair, which is far more nuanced and just as damaging to most women - and much more of a complicated storyline to tell on Grey's. As a super white (think moonbeam, glow-in the dark white) but open-minded gal, I have to google "kitchen" :/ but I thought that entire storyline was sweet on all counts (although I almost spit my water out at "roots"). Cute episode, loved the setups. I didn't realize the nurse was the Terminator, or I too would have yelled at Christina to "stop stalking the Terminator!" like Jose T said. Funny stuff ;)


I just had to point out a mistake in your review, it was bothering me. You posted: Just want to make a note that Jackson and Avery are the new and official BFF/Bromance. I think you meant to say Mark and Avery, or their last names, Sloane and Jackson...since Jackson and Avery are the same person :)


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I haven't seen my husband or baby since yesterday and I don't even care because Callie blew my mind. I'm going to make the boards my bitch!


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