Grey's Anatomy: Clearing Way For (Possible) Cast Departures?

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The contract talks between Grey’s Anatomy and Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers and others has become a hot topic of late, and TV Line has an interesting teaser along those lines.

Shonda Rhimes hinted last month that the season ends in a way that could accommodate any number of possible cast departures, as the original stars are all in the eighth and final season of their ABC deals.

Well, according to TV Line, a late April episode will follow the residents - Alex, Meredith, Jackson, April and Cristina - as they interview for fellowship positions at other hospitals around the United States.

Sunny Meredith

Those hospitals are apparently wooing the Seattle Grace quintet in anticipation of them passing their medical boards, and they're entertaining all of their options in their current hometown and beyond.

None of the actors has said much regarding their prospects of returning for Season 9, but this would make it awfully convenient for one or more of the aforementioned quintet to leave SG for good.

As for Patrick Dempsey, he has indicated he may very well come back if his schedule is freed up so that he may pursue other interests. So he (and others) could also appear on a limited number of episodes.


it's simple to me, I'll drop away GA if Sandra/Cristina leave GA, no matter who orignal cast will stay, coz it makes me sad to watch Owen love someone else!!
by the way,I wonder how ABC can keep so many cast when GA S8 keep the rating around 3.1~3.3 ?? it's reasonable some of 14 people should leave and recruit new intern in


Shonda has said before that she set the show up so that it could continue without the original characters. Some of them will be back, and I hope that Ellen Pompeo is one of them, but I think she has said that she's not sure she'll come back.


"Fans fell in love with the original characters?" Which "fans?" I never watched the show in the early years and never fell in love with them, especially the Fab 5. Bailey, the Chief and Season 4+ Cristina are okay but the "B" players were always more interesting to me--Mark, Callie, Denny, Erica, Arizona, Owen, April. That said, I still wouldn't want to see the originals leave but if they do "se la vie."


I really don't see why at least most of them won't be back. Justin for sure is a lock-in for Season9, he has five kids to support so I doubt he's willing to opt out of a GREAT, high-paying job in exchange for a huge hunt for work. Same with Ellen and Sandra-both could probably easily find jobs elsewhere, but why take the chance? As for Patrick, I don't think he needs the work as much as these three but it still irks me a little that he would be wiling to "pursue other interests" and leave his devoted fans hanging for the rest of the series. Grey's will surely be different if any of them depart, but while I love them all I have no doubt Grey's could still carry on with Lexie as the namesake. Chyler is a beautiful, talented woman and I think she would fit the role nicely.


Who writes some of these comments... Shonda Rhimes?? These contract negotiations should have been wrapped up 3 months ago. The only reason they are not done is incompetency and the fact that they are screwing with the actors. They should can can resolve all the issues if they really want to. This show has done well in the US and in other countries. This is because fans fell in love with the original characters. I won't watch this show without Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo. If ABC wants to save money, they should end Private Practice and bring over Derek's sister and Tyne Daly over to Grey's. Get rid of the "not needed characters".


Seriously??!! They could not possibly come up with a better show! This is the best I have seen in years!! We have grown with all of the characters, to loose any more of them would be devistating to the show! I miss George and Izzy!! And I agree that Burk should come back for Christina!!! I use to be an ER fan and when they had Dr Green die, the show died too. When you get rid of your main charaters, Mere, Derek, Alex, Christina, Baily, Richard, it will be a recipe for failure. I say it would be hard pressed to create a show that would compare!!!


shonda once said that if ellen left that chyler leigh would NOT be replacing her as the titular 'grey' in grey's anatomy. that being said i think it pretty much means that if ellen renews her contract, there will be a new season. but if she declines, then no season 9. but if patrick decides to not renew his contract the show may also end because it would kinda weird to write him out seeing as he's married to meredith and all. so i think that the shows fate comes down to if BOTH of them come back. because lets face it, hard core greys fans would tune in to watch a greys without mcdreamy just to see what its like, and of they can make it work, the fans shouldn't be a problem.


i dont agree with the lexie thing, she gets musch less screening time than other characters. she has no solid storylines, exept for pining for mark


Relax people!I think that all of the original cast members will stick around for s9.They might be put on the backseat in terms of SL and then again there will be unhappy people.and be realistic-a hospital is a very dynamic place,people come and go.And Grey's Anatomy is more than just Meredith and McDreamy.Most of you don't like Avery Kepner and Teddy because they haven't had a chance to tell a decent story and we don't know them that well as we know the others.And Arizona Robbins is a constant surprise-another character we don't know much about her past.Definitely I'll miss Meredith's voiceover and the dynamic friendship between Mer/Cristina,but sometimes change is good,although most people don't like it


The only cast members contracted is up is origanal cast. It have nothing do with any cast member that came in after season one. So whoever came in in or after season 2 is not up for on there contracts. So Dr. Webber, Meredith, Derek, Christina, Alex, and Dr. Bailey or working on there contract. I hope they come back I don't see the show going on with out the origanal cast member. I don't want the show to turn into a show like ER were you get to the series final with only a couple or none of the origanal cast. Beside, I think if to many of the show origanal cast live the core fan start to live because they can't familiarize with the show anymore. I not say that it won't work because ER made it work. That because there fans came and went but, I wonder how many fans started with the show from begging to end. It rare because some loss on show you can't gone without. So you move on with the memories.

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