Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair: Will They Last?

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Now that Dan and Blair are a full-fledged couple (or at least clearly headed down that path, without a prenup, Chuck or Louis looming as immediate obstacles), the question becomes, when the show returns April 2:

Will it last? Or will these two quickly realize they're better as friends?

That's an open question, but their bedroom woes won't do them in.

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TV Line's Michael Ausiello says that the sex problem Dan and Blair encounter on the next episode (as evidenced by the Spring 2012 Gossip Girl promo) will not necessarily be the thing that derails Dair.

"Those resourceful kids will quickly find a solution to their sad sack woes," he reveals in his weekly spoiler column, "Although I can’t really see them sustaining said solution on a long-term basis."

Hmm. Any thoughts on what that solution is? And whether it will be sustainable?

This is just one person's opinion, mind you, but it's likely to be shared by many who just can't envision Dair together for good. On the flip side, many fans see them as the sole reason for the show at this point.

Don't forget there's that on-set kiss that is allegedly from the episode after April 2, so even if they do end the romance, it may not be imminent. Anyway, what do you think? Comment, and vote, below!

Dair: Will it last?

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Sometimes we forget that the world is full of angry idiots. But people like @Strolling remind us that trolls aren't fictional creatures.


TVF needs to lock their GGs comments sections and rethink moderation. How can I leave 2 comments in a row then be put up for moderation on a 3rd and another poster can leave 93 comments on one article or do something like Strolling did and nothing happens? wtf?


That last comment was for @anonymous


No no..I remembered them all. Hence me saying "isn't that what Gossip Girl is all about these days." :p


Woohoo! Someone is angry. LOL


Anonymous has left 93 comments on this article so far. That's 20% of the comments. I am very frustrated with the show too. Even so I'm not gonna leave almost 100 comments about it.


@Anonymous Of course you are allowed to express your views, But this constant "its not the characters, its the writers" argument is getting old and is fundamentally flawed.


Continued @Anonymous Listen, I understand where you're coming from. A lot of us feel put off and disappointed by the show but there's nothing constructive about going on and on about the same points. Not constructive for you to be doing it nor for the discussion community. My original post was very reactionary. i don't dissuade you from continuing to post, quite the opposite, but maybe tone it down and really rethink why you're doing this? We're not stupid, we get what you're trying to say.


Anonymous The problem is it is literally impossible to ignore you, I ignore many posters on this site but your posts fill up every page of every thread and they are always negative. Basically what @niks4u said. I'm sorry for being harsh, but the rest of us can't even begin to have or read the discussion going on with all this spamming.


This is a concept that we all understand. A person solving Differential Equations does not need a lecture on the process of differentiation and integration. It is understood that he knows how to perform these tasks. I try not to judge people, but you are coming across as a person with some personal vendetta and I am very annoyed to see a forum for genuine fans being hijacked by a very bitter person. If you can't offer constructive and objective criticism, then its time for you to leave.

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