Gossip Girl Spring Return Promo: Dair. Sex.

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Gossip Girl is on hiatus until April 2, but at least the CW put an exclamation mark on Monday's episode with a juicy promo to jump-start a firestorm of discussion - good or bad - during the upcoming five-week dry spell.

In the as-yet-untitled episode, there's little doubt that Dan and Blair's relationship, having overcome so many obstacles reaches the next level. A sexy level. Of course, the "wow" factor may not be entirely positive.

Don't worry, you two. The first time rarely meets expectations.

If you missed it, read our Gossip Girl review for a full discussion of how Dair got to this point, and everything else that transpired last night. Then take a look at the teaser for the show's return and share your comments:

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@hollowing Then stop watching and drop the show. @DAIR=EW Clearly you didn't watch Grey's Anatomy. George and Meredith had an awkward 1 night stand, not a relationship. @LizLuvsChuck All Nate has done is banging female guest stars and Chuck is just a whispering bad boy stereotype nowadays because of the writers' incompetence. @Andy Well, if you trust these incompetent writers, then it's no wonder you feel the way you feel.


@gemsiibear You just contradicted yourself, that means none of the couples will be together. @lol No, the show has been declining each season, they're not going to come back. @serenanate4ever It's been a mess since Season 3. @Nawty~Angel Are you? @junior That doesn't mean it has to be awful, other soap operas actually handle the characters and relationships better. @cit Then why are you here if you're so confident? You're just coming off as immature.


I hate hate hate Dair. But I'm gonna be truthful. I'm not gonna stop watching. I trust the writers.... Haha.


Haters are wonderful! I love the fact they come on Dair videos and Dair articles just for spreading their insecurity. But Dair is flawless, deal with it!


Haters gon hate. fact is writers won't change the script because people don't like change. it's their show not yours. BTW Dan is Blair's soulmate, deal with it or get yourself a chill pill. when we're young we all fall for that guy that we think is our everything aka chuck but grow up and find our better halves aka Dan. it's just unfortunate that Blair's soulmate had to be her best friends ex boyfriend/step-brother. the only reason Chuck is so Blair obsessed is because he doesn't really have people who love him and Blair did. Blair said it herself that she loves Chuck but she ain't in love with him. and about sex, experienced or inexperienced when u found that 1 person it's more than just pleasure o reaching 10 orgasms in one round. obviously their first time will be weird, which means it actually means something to them and they actually have something to laugh about.


The pairing of Dan and Blair is just awful and strange. I don't get the fascination people have with Dan. The actor, Penn, himself is just not up to par with the others like Chace and Ed. I think GG needs to develop Nate's character a bit more. I think there's just not enough of a storyline with him that's really memorable. I'd rather see him a lot more than Dan. Dan just doesn't seem to fit - and I'm not just saying this because he's supposedly not as rich as the others - but because he's a bit awkward. Blair seems out of sync with him on all levels. Serena seems a more natural pic for him. All I can say about Dair is yuck. Can't wait for their storyline as a couple to end!


Everyone needs to stop comparing Seth/Summer with Blair/Dan. If you do clearly u did not watch OC. The reason this happened to Seth and Summer was because they were both virgins and it was just awkward... They weren't dating or anything yet. Blair and Dan are both completely experienced in that department and apparently are "in love" which means they just don't have the chemistry. They are better off as friends. I compare it more to the Meredith and George situation from Greys Anatomy.


Blair wont give up on their relationship just because of this, i mean she was able to forgive chuck for trading her for a hot, abusing her, screwing jenny and the list goes on...It would be stupid of GG writers to break them up after so much buildup....Dair FTW !!!


My dair babies finally an offical couple...yaayyyy


Gotta love DAIR, they are so the new Seth and Summer

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Life isn't a fairy tale, and happy endings are few and far between.

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Rita: Luckily, Robin was working with me in New York this week and able to bring along a very special video of Blair.
Tiffany: What is it?
Penelope: A Jack Bass sex tape?
Tiffany: A Nelly Yuki snuff film?