Gossip Girl Spring Return Promo: Dair. Sex.

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Gossip Girl is on hiatus until April 2, but at least the CW put an exclamation mark on Monday's episode with a juicy promo to jump-start a firestorm of discussion - good or bad - during the upcoming five-week dry spell.

In the as-yet-untitled episode, there's little doubt that Dan and Blair's relationship, having overcome so many obstacles reaches the next level. A sexy level. Of course, the "wow" factor may not be entirely positive.

Don't worry, you two. The first time rarely meets expectations.

If you missed it, read our Gossip Girl review for a full discussion of how Dair got to this point, and everything else that transpired last night. Then take a look at the teaser for the show's return and share your comments:

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@gemsiibear I like you step back being a chair fan and really see the show. i want all chair fans to be like you.


@cit "not last chair forever"??????????????????


@pty Wow! Thanks for that link! I don't usually stay up w/the twitter/tumblr stuff/fan blog posts, etc. but keep hearing on forums that the writers, and the Norman Buckley guy in particular, are not taking criticism kindly. I can't believe they're attacking fans. Yea, that's an awesome PR strategy! Lmfao. As an "ardent follower" who's had their opinion flamed, I identified w/a lot said in that post. I do think it speaks to the fandom as a whole even though the site is primarily pro-Chair. After all, we've all been flamed by a troll at some point. Part of all this is actually really damn hilarious b/c of how absolutely stupid all the arguing really is... I mean Team Chair v. Team Dair? Seriously?!? I'm 25 so I hate feeling like I stumbled in on a Twilight viewing. It's way more pathetic that the writers are spurring this all on though. I'm sad about how insanely contentious everything has gotten. Aren't we all GG fans at the end of the day?


@pty I heard a rumor that 1 of the the Gossip Girl director/writer attacked some fans on twitter for criticizing it, but I'm not sure if it's true or not, it's probably just a rumor.


@ALF It's possible it could drop. Josh Safran shouldn't be allowed to be involved with another show ever again. @Kelly I guess that's just the way things are.


@ALF Exactly, the writers could've found some better moments without having to ruin the relationships and the characters the way they did. Having them break up over bad sex would taint both Dair and Chair, in the last episode, Blair just said that her heart doesn't belong to Chuck anymore and that she's not in love. It would be stupid to have her say all of that only to go back to him in the next episode.


How could Blair prefer Dan over Chuck. This is terrible.


*Sigh* So true...they did ruin everything. Safran is a terrible show runner. I really, really don't care about the ships anymore & honestly don't know if I'll return to GG in April mostly b/c I'm not enthused about the show. Not to mention Mad Men returns on Monday nights *happy dance*. I wonder if GG's ratings will fall below 1 mil b/c of the month long break? I am happy that Dair fans are happy though!


@Anonymous I totally agree that bad sex would be a ridiculous reason to break-up Dair. It's stupid-plain & simple. Now if they DID break Dair up for this reason so soon after Blair told Chuck she's not IN love w/him it would add insult to injury. In my other post I was basically just trying to reinforce that generalizing based on ship preference is insane. So just b/c a few loud Chair fans made some sexist remarks doesn't mean that all Chair fans, or former fans such as myself, are applying a double standard towards the couple's sex lives. Anyway, I don't find Chair to be inherently sexist either. The writers wanted some "OMFG" moments & then *bang bang* they assassinated Chuck & screwed over Chair.


@ALF Gossip Girl is just 1 of those things that attract trolls for some reason. Yeah, fans shouldn't be lumped in together with the crazies. Not only did Josh Safran and the writers ruined Chuck and Blair, they ruined everything, the storylines, the characters, the relationships, etc.

Gossip Girl Quotes

Life isn't a fairy tale, and happy endings are few and far between.

Gossip Girl

Rita: Luckily, Robin was working with me in New York this week and able to bring along a very special video of Blair.
Tiffany: What is it?
Penelope: A Jack Bass sex tape?
Tiffany: A Nelly Yuki snuff film?