Gossip Girl Spring Return Promo: Dair. Sex.

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Gossip Girl is on hiatus until April 2, but at least the CW put an exclamation mark on Monday's episode with a juicy promo to jump-start a firestorm of discussion - good or bad - during the upcoming five-week dry spell.

In the as-yet-untitled episode, there's little doubt that Dan and Blair's relationship, having overcome so many obstacles reaches the next level. A sexy level. Of course, the "wow" factor may not be entirely positive.

Don't worry, you two. The first time rarely meets expectations.

If you missed it, read our Gossip Girl review for a full discussion of how Dair got to this point, and everything else that transpired last night. Then take a look at the teaser for the show's return and share your comments:

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I am new in all of this, and i am sad because next episode will be about dair!!!
But to all Chair fans dont quit do you really mean that blair will stay with dan comon...even the writers are not so disgusting...
Chuck&Blair endgame :))


@ Swede the Dairfan
You're right when you say that this is a fairy tale that the poor boy meets a beautiful rich girl, but you are wrong to have Dan and Blair, but there is Dan and Serena.


@laura Well, I guess the advertisers don't really care.


Wow and that wow really means that promo was terrible. Is this really what this shows coming to?


@ALF Season 3 was where it all started and wouldn't you know it, that's when Josh Safran became involved. Blair started to become whiny and pathetic in Season 3 and hasn't recovered since then. It's not that I carpet bomb, it's easier for me to reply to so many posts at once and there's a 1,000 character limit on here, so I have to make multiple posts. @Amie Then don't reply to my posts.


it should be endgame DAIR.........


@Anobymous, Excuse me, what? Please keep your obsession with GG but but with other ppl's accounts.


Alright, TVF doesn't want me to post anymore even though I'm not even close to the 1000 character limit. Screw it.


Cont'd- If everything was either fluffy "OMG I


@LatinaLover I'm intrigued about your crazy life. What from @BlairWaldorfBass4ever's comment have you seen happen IRL? A girl dating her BFF’s beloved ex? I think most have seen that.... @Anonymous Blair did start losing some "oomph" back in S3, eh? But I don't think she was THIS –aka S5– pathetic. At least B had a POV, was in university & interacted w/her friends (even Nate! YAY), etc. in S3. Blair trying to “rule� a uni w/20 k undergrads was unbelievably dumb though. Now S3/S4 feel masterful compared to S5. Btw aren’t you honored to have a troll? I like that you carpet bomb the GG threads b/c the criticisms need to be heard. Relentlessly positive reviews & discussions are boring. If everything was either fluffy "OMG I

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