Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Two Rhodes (and G) Converge

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The truth finally came out in "Cross Rhodes," but in this new sneak peek from Monday's Gossip Girl, Lola and ChIvy cross paths again, at what we're guessing is a post-funeral gathering in CeCe's honor.

Talking with ChIvy, Lola still has plenty of unanswered questions regarding why her mother hid her from the VDW family for 18 years, but (un)fortunately, Georgina is there to lend a helping hand.

G's probably right about one thing: There's always more to it on the UES. She's also likely correct in that none of their family members will lead them to the truth. Enter helpful "outsider" Georgina.

Something tells us she has her own agenda or axe to grind here. Just a shot in the dark.

Don't miss the Canadian promo we posted earlier this morning and the first sneak preview clip from the episode for more clues as to what we can expect when the show returns on Monday night.

Then check out this latest teaser from "The Princess Dowry" and comment below:

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neetiIs tarah ki hi kahani inenertt ke saujanya se pehle bhi padne ko mili thi.Farakh yeh tha ki ladke -ladki ke bajay wahan maa ne apne bete ko ankhein di theen. Shayad tab kahanikar ka vichaar aajkal ke bacchon ke swarthipan aur ma-baap ke niswarth prem ko darshana raha ho.So, I guess characters are changed to suit the convenience and frame of mind of the writer of the moment' esp. with prevalence of inenertt based forwards. Shayad har karibi rishton mein (jahan swarth rishte ki neev hai) is kahani ka nichod, kisi na kisi ko mil hi jayega.


@loly: you want to know the funny part? I don't even have Twitter. I'm spreading the word of what other girls are doing, which includes several fanfic authors that write better thant these idiotic writers. If they one to Tweet, create Facebook pages or write to the CW, it's their right, and nobody has the right to tell them not to do it, and that includes you.


How Selfish is Dan? He sent the blast let chuck get blamef and put blair in a bad place so he could have her? Hes a jerk. I cant stand Dan i perfer the prince and blair over Danand i think he should go out with Lola


it's just a tv show, for crying out loud!
That's why i said you look like a scizophrenic, it's just a tv show. If dair (i ship them,) didn't happend, i won't be that upset or tweet 'givethemchance' or else, because i do know, and realise, it's a tv show. A TEEN TV SHOW !


Apologies, was sure I was still on the review comments page! Ignore this very out-of-context post :P


I'm not going to swear off the show purely because my ship is on the rocks. But I'm very disappointed with the writers this episode; they've written a ridiculously dense and convoluted episode and have put a nail in the coffin of a relationship they've spent 4 years building. Most of all, they spat in the faces of dedicated CHAIR fans with their ending scene. I know DAIR fans will think it's sweet, but imagine if in 10 episodes, the writers show CHAIR sitting in the loft eating pizza and watching a movie? You'd feel wripped off! This is poor, poor writing. If you're going to go down a 'life changing' direction, then make sure you actually create new scenes! Otherwise they'll ensure that DAIR is ALWAYS a poor man's CHAIR!


Okay, I just read this review and decided to watch the episode online, because although I'm a CHAIR fan, I don't want to give up GG and so wanted to try and get on board, at least temporarily, with DAIR. But WTH was that? In addition to the ridiculous plot holes and general story lines, the writers ripped off one of Chuck and Blair's most crucial, epic scenes! And they didn't even make it meaningful; Blair saying 'Dan' is no way near as momentous as Chuck Bass' first 'I love you'! They've literally gone and slapped CHAIR fans in the face with that mockery. I tried to like DAIR, I used to love both characters separately and was sure I could like them together, although not LOVE them. But their wasn't chemistry, it felt like two needy souls just wanting comfort and deciding that they were least likely to be burned by being with each other. We know how Chuck hurt Blair and Serena hurt Dan- but that doesn't mean that Blair and Dan should choose each other because it's EASY.


@ loly: I'm you sound vindictive or resentful without reason, if it's not your ship what do you care what happens with them or how their fans react?


I hate Dan. I wish Blair and Chuck would just get married already. I'm really happy about Ivy being the beneficiary of cece instead of these money hungry Rhodes...its so unattractive.


are you that desperate? It's a tv show, you are trying so hard, now you even look like a desperate scizophrenic!