Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Blerena Backlash

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It was obvious from the moment it happened that the fallout from last night's unexpected Dair kiss on Gossip Girl will be severe and wide-ranging. After all, how many relationships were effectively torpedoed?

Not only the romantic intentions of Serena (who loves Dan) and Chuck (who considers Blair the love of his life), but the friendship of Blair and Serena, and to a lesser extent Dan and Chuck, will be shaken up.

In this clip from next Monday's episode, we see just how bitter Serena is at her BFF, who she feels betrayed her. Does S have a right to be mad? Or was she delusional about Dan wanting her back in the first place?

It's a complicated situation, to say the least, but Dorota is determined to force these two to make up. Watch Blair's loyal servant / confidant take charge of the situation in this amusing sneak preview clip ...

For a complete breakdown of "Crazy Cupid Love," follow the link above. Also check out a couple of promos for "Cross Rhodes" if you haven't seen those. Then discuss all things Dair, Blerena and Gossip Girl below!

Are Dan and Blair soulmates?

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cont. The thing that makes this season Blair so unbelievable is the Blouis relationship and the writer's making her profess her love for Chuck twice but put ridiculous obstacles in their way. They needed to end up with a Dan/Blair/Chuck triangle and they went about it a contradictory and just plain stupid way.
But now that we are there, we can return to the reason I enjoyed the second half of season 4 so much, more Dair!


Blair's relationship with Dan has evolved past high school. I can't even remember who I hated back in high school because it was always changing and you ended up becoming friends or never even seeing each other again. And Blair never actually hated Dan, they were both from opposite worlds and never took the time to get to know each other, they hated what they didn't understand. Their friendship has been the only thing shown on screen that took time and actually makes sense. Their feelings becoming more than friendship isn't out of the blue, it's been a long time coming.
I think the Dair relationship is dead on with Blair's character. cont


Really? Blair and Dan ? This show is getting from bad to worse. Can anyone recall season 1? If people think Blair is back to her old self, well let's not forget she disliked and hated Dan, for all the reason that made Blair our queen bee. One thing is that they are friends, but blair kissing or liking Dan is beyond absurd. In any case, I don't like the Blair the show is presenting right now, she's not as smart as before and does not act like queen bee. I really miss that Blair. I think Serena has the right to be mad at her...


Personally I love Serena way more than B, always have.


i have to ask the question, what about Dans right to be happy, just because serena loves him doesnt make him bleong to her or have rights to him. They havent been together for a very long time. And all this crap about who did what to who is in the past, its not like a revenge scale where you weigh up how much hurt you are allowed to lay on someone just cause they have hurt you in the past. if you forgive someone then you forgive them and the slate should be clean. Dan should have told serena straight out her wasnt interested, but blair didnt make a move on him he made a move on her. Also i like this blair she cares about people, sure that makes her more open to making mistakes but at least this blair is more reounded as a chracter. But its a TV show, there is never going to Continuity in the characterisation. :)


OMG!! I LOVE Dorotha!!


I totally hate the Blair/Dan story line. Yuck!!!


Chuck certainly hurt Blair, I acknowledge this. But he has never hurt Nate or Serena. trollling : No but he tried to RAPE SERENA AND SLEPT WITH BLAIR WHEN SHE JUST HAD BROKEN UP WITH NATE!Chuck = gentleman DAIR FOREVER


@amandine i too think blair deserves nothin who the hell gets married to someone and also declares her love to another guy then to kiss yet another in one of the others bedroom, oh an that to be who your best friend is in love with. im glad louis's seen the light and jumped off the i love blair bandwagon. chuck should do the same an dan should run off with someone new like he always does. and serena should just forget blair and dan and get back with nate.


@anonymous that was when nearly the entire fanbase liked chair, before dair came along hense why we now have shipping wars cos some to half of the fanbase has jumped to dair they find chair scenes repetitive and chair fans obviously dont like the idea of dair since there still rootin for chair. the writers just had to do it, it reminds me of the brucas/leyton shipping wars that went on for years in oth i always rooted for brucas but i knew leyton was always goin end up together. thats how i kinda see dair only i loved brooke and lucas and also they ended them earlier in the beginnin of s4 where as gg is further on in its seasons. iam NOT comparin oth couples to chair/dair i've watched oth since the beginnin and there nothing alike. but the shipping wars are and are leadin in the same direction with the couples.

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