Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Blerena Backlash

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It was obvious from the moment it happened that the fallout from last night's unexpected Dair kiss on Gossip Girl will be severe and wide-ranging. After all, how many relationships were effectively torpedoed?

Not only the romantic intentions of Serena (who loves Dan) and Chuck (who considers Blair the love of his life), but the friendship of Blair and Serena, and to a lesser extent Dan and Chuck, will be shaken up.

In this clip from next Monday's episode, we see just how bitter Serena is at her BFF, who she feels betrayed her. Does S have a right to be mad? Or was she delusional about Dan wanting her back in the first place?

It's a complicated situation, to say the least, but Dorota is determined to force these two to make up. Watch Blair's loyal servant / confidant take charge of the situation in this amusing sneak preview clip ...

For a complete breakdown of "Crazy Cupid Love," follow the link above. Also check out a couple of promos for "Cross Rhodes" if you haven't seen those. Then discuss all things Dair, Blerena and Gossip Girl below!

Are Dan and Blair soulmates?

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@pty Yeah, but they should stop watching if they feel like it. @Meep It's a contrived plot device that the writers think it's so clever when it's just mindless character assassination. @jackiee Serena had her chance and she blew it last year when she didn't immediately pick Dan or Nate, she chose Ben and she chose to side with him over Dan, when Dan didn't trust him. Dan got sick and tired of his step-sister, Serena. Besides, Serena's a hypocrite for what she did with Nate behind Blair's back. @Angryetta Then why doesn't she just pathetically crawl back to Chuck like she did before when she constantly cheated on her fiancee, Louis? @xmeg816x She's still being a hypocrite about it.


Dan's dumb to be texting the stuff he did to GG, now it looks like him and Blair hook up was a plot from GG and he was in on it...lol


Remember, this series started with Serena changing because of DAN. Obviously she's absolutely offended because Blair kissed the man she loves. Nobody should be bashing Serena because of the one person who changed her to become better. We all know she's the troubled character in the series, but every event leads back to Dan. The same way with Blair and Chuck. I just want Dan and Serena to be together.


Dair= NOOOOOOOO ughh grosss!!!!
Blair and Chuck!!!!! I love Blair and Chuck together, they have oodles more chemistry and their love is so flawed but deep. It is absolutely the best part of the show and I hate when they aren't together! Serena and Dan should hook up, realize how great they are together, and leave Blair realizing she was just using Dan to feel the love she so obviously is cut off from with Louis.


@xmeg816x Serena is allowed to be upset. no one is saying otherwise. but she's ALSO a hypocrite. Serena screwed up by sleeping with Nate. Blair forgave her. Now Blair kissed Dan. Serena should forgive her. one shouldn't cancel out the other b/c *sex* w/ a friends *BF* without feelings vs. *kissing* a friends *exBF* w/ feelings isn't even in the same realm. Serena flippantly did what she wanted. Blair is trying to repress her feelings for Dan to make Serena happy. what makes this worse is that Serena KNOWS Dan is IN LOVE with Blair. Serena has no chance with him. It would be different if she DID have a chance. so it's time for Serena to grow up. this is the first time a man is choosing her friend OVER her. it's a foreign concept for Serena...but it's about time she learned it. w/ the Charlie/Lola stuff and Cece stuff Serena will get over Dair b/c those things are far more important.


Just because she did the something worse doesn't mean she can't be upset. Blair is her best friend and she shouldn't have to hide her feelings about it. Like I said because she has done something worse than that to Blair her anger should really subside really quickly for me to still be able to be on board with it but she still has the right to be mad! Her feelings shouldn't have to be dismissed because of something that happened years ago. We are all hypocrites at one time or another. She can't stop the way she feels just because of previous events.


@Circe Childish names for a childish series. @xmeg816x It's not that she's angry, it's that she's a hypocrite. She's angry about Blair's kiss, yet she slept with her boyfriend, Nate behind her back while they were still in a relationship.


Blerena--Dair? What are you? Childish name-linking makes for an off-putting recap.


I'm not saying what happened between Serena and Nate was right I'm just saying Serena is allowed to be mad for one episode! I don't know many people who would be super happy to see their best friend get together with their ex boyfriend even if they didn't have feelings for them still. It is normal for her to be upset. I just think people should let her have an episode to be mad about it and if it drags on yeah that will be ridiculous but being upset for a few days isn't abnormal.