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@Zoran It wasn't Georgina, it was the writers, they made Dan and Serena step siblings and had them treat each other badly with Serena leading him on and Dan ignoring her, they seem very awkward now.

@Chair4ever the writers say a lot things, they aren't very trustworthy and their writing is terrible and they're incompetent.


Chair Chair Chair!!! Dont worry CHAIR shippers the writers said themselves Chuck and Blair are NEVER over. Unlike Dair which will be over before the season is out!!!


You're right about writers, their role in the disastrous season 4 and 5. A second Georgina did broke up Serena and Dan at the end of a season 1.


@blairfan You can blame the writers and Josh Safran for ruining and destroying their characters and relationships.

@Zoran They made Serena and Dan step siblings and have continued to ruin their relationship or what's left of it. Serena led Dan on last year and now Dan is completely ignoring Serena.

Georgina didn't break up Serena and Dan, the writers did when they made them step siblings. Georgina already had her chance in the last episode, it's only up to the writers now.

@dude and @Kimmie Then stop watching the show and drop it, it'll be better if you just watch clips online.


@kalisib No one said anything about being black and white. Blair isn't perfect, she didn't exactly insult Dan, both of them only had a few minor snarky jabs at each other. Jenny came back in Season 4 and she didn't care about her so-called banishment, she only left on her own accord after the Serena incident not Blair. Chair in Seasons 1/2 had a fun, interesting Cruel Intentions-esque interactions going on before the writers/Josh Safran completely ruined them in Season 3 and they were never able to recover after that, in fact the writers ruined them even further in Seasons 4 and 5. These writers don't know or care about the meaning of love. Chair is not consistent and you can blame the writers for that. They can copy as many other couples as they possibly can, they're only making themselves look pathetic by comparison because those couples didn't have to have their relationships and characters ruined unlike Gossip Girl.


1.georgina : When everybody at a party hates you, who better to bring than someone who they hate even more?

2. .......
3. nola
4.she will
5. georgina
6. ivy dickens get all money
7. no , she won't .. ivy is sincere and really care about cece

8. a reason find out why cece give everything to ivy dickens,connecting with lola which is lily and other find out lola is a daughter of carol and william and test DNA of lola that lola doesnt have DNA of carol or VDW. then some secret come out that ivy dickens is the real daughter of VDW and Carol.
while Cece swapping ivy "the real grandaughter of cece to lola the other kid"
then ivy can stick around to UES until next season.

Georgina meet the russian man who the father of her son when trip to monaco and connecting with louis. then she need help of blair.

serena being a GG but the real Gossip Girl is BACK 1.0. and take down serena!

louis back to the show , jack and diana!


Sorry, but my English is not the best.
Since this season is reminiscent of season 3, it is very likely to recombine with Nate and Serena and Charlie, with Charlie whom Nate has about . After everything that happened in this episode, Serena will have to rely on, and after a Dan is busy remains Nate. I am a fan of Serena and Dan, but unfortunately since the writers killed their love, they will probably eventually end up together that Serena and Nate, unfortunately.


No problem, reprise last 4 seasons and enjoy the love Chuck and Blair.


I'm sensing a Nate/Lola/Serena love triangle!!! I really hope that Nate and Serena can get back together while the show keeps doing the Chuck/Blair/Dan love triangle. Serena doesn't seem to be part of the triangle tbh. She is so pathetic claiming her love for Dan (which is come out of nowhere actually, just because the writers need to make DB happen, it doesn't have to need Serena to stir up the trouble)



All I care about is CHAIR, CHAIR, CHAIR! The writers have really ruined the show. Just give me my Chair back and I will be happy. Luckily for now, I have found my new tv obession: GLEE!!!! Never thought I be a Gleek!

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