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If not for Dair, I would have abandoned ship last season. Actually, I already had because GG is a shadow of its former self, but the blossoming Dair friendship brought me back. They have remained fresh and interesting while everything else has been run into the ground.

Blair had several opportunities to be with Chuck, but instead she made progressively lamer excuses on why they can’t be together. She has been exhibiting erratic behavior all season, only letting her true self shine through with Dan. Tender, playful Blair took a backseat for most of her young adult life, but I think we can all agree Dan brings out the smart, independent woman she’s growing up to be.

I'm scared of the outcome of the inevitable reveal that Dan sent the video. I hope that by that time, she'll just be grateful to have been saved from a doomed marriage. I like where things are going, and I'm eagerly (if nervously) looking forward to watching Dair develop.


@y0y0 If you misunderstood me, I apologize. I'm NOT a shipper. I DO NOT SHIP CHAIR and I do like Dair. But I don't care who ends up with who. Yes, GG is a fantasy show but the story lines used to make some sense. Now they're totally illogical-the whole royals thing, the forgotten miscarriage, the repetitive Chair dialogue, the ridiculous roadblocks (limo crashes, dowries, God pacts) and inconsistent characterization/OOC actions is too much for me to handle. Within this thread alone, I've seen Chair, Dair and non-shipping fans echo the same thoughts. If you don't agree, that's cool. As far as me not wanting GG to go into a 6th season? It's painful for me to watch a show I loved continue to deteriorate under a bad show runners (Safran's) watch. The Dair cuteness and sweet Lola can't hold my attention much longer, personally. I'd love for the show to be good and enjoyable, however that's achieved, and I'm not sure how saying that is tantamount to throwing a tantrum?


How can the round table say Serena was blindsighted? She KNEW that Dan was in love Blair since he tried to get Blair and chuck together in the mid season final!!!!


@momo83- I love your ideas. I wouldn't put Dan alone though. I know Blair reciprocates his feelings but I want him to end up with a girl that likes only him and is drama free. OTOH Blair needs to be alone. Maybe suffering consequences for her Serena-esque flake actions will knock sense into her?

@Anonymous- You're right. I take back the Georgina "[GG] is a shell of her former self" line as being my favorite. Now I'm certain it's nothing more than a dig at how the audience feels, not any sort of real self-awareness. Safran is probably pissing himself at that meta joke.

@Uncle_Jackass- Interesting answers. Maybe when Blair finds out Dan sent that blast/Chuck reverted to his old ways, she'll finally decide to take a break from relationships?


@ALF You sound like a little kid that has a tantrum. Illogical plot? The whole show was illogical to begin with from season 1. You guys just start to cry because your favorite couple didnt get a real shot within the last months.

"Those are popular opinions across the entire fandom."
Across the Chair fans maybe. The kids that are mad.

"The only way to stop production.. petition/boycott will aid in GG not extending into a 6th season, I'm all for it.."
Tantrum, much? You want a show you watch yourself to get canceled because you dont like the couples that get screentime at the moment? What are you guys? A bunch of 15 year old uneducated americans that start to shout and whine when they dont get what they want? Again, illogical plot? The only illogical plot would Chair be together again.

You kids have to get your shit straight. I dont care who Blair is together with as long as its not Louis but Jesus christ, you guys should let yourself check by a psychologist.


@SuperIdole- I can't believe I'm about to say this but I have to defend the petition. I'm not shipping at this point and I still agree with the boycott. At 1st I assumed it was Chair fan overreaction too, and I'm sure some are quitting just because they aren't getting screen time, but the actual petition described fatigue with the show's bad, illogical plots, OOC writing and Safran's general ineptitude. Those are popular opinions across the entire fandom. The only way to stop production is to cease consumption and if a petition/boycott will aid in GG not extending into a 6th season, I'm all for it. Great. GG/Safran got me to defend something dubbed a "twitition"! Kill me now.


Ans: The Chuck Cassanoving was gross. As for Blair's minder, I'm was starting to get creeped out that she was going to replace every portrait of Blair with her own and pillaging the Waldorf wardrobe for shoes, makeup, clothes, and in season hand bags.

7. Which Charlotte Rhodes do you like better, Lola or Ivy?

Ans: Well, the merging process has begun... I wonder is it considered stalking still if it is an identity theft who has stolen your identification in society?


5. Georgina as Gossip Girl 2.0: Intriguing or boring?

Ans: Hey there Georgie girl, I thought you said that you had that cocktail of medication in the right measure? It needs more of that happy Prozac. Those pschopathical tendencies were bad in the past, but ruining an entire family seems a bit extreme?

Perhaps a Jedi Mind Trick will work "These aren't the Waldorfs that you want to piss off. Move along..."

6. More unintentionally hilarious: Chuck seductively asking Alessandra for dirt on Dan, or Blair's "minder" gazing ominously at the wedding portrait?


4. Are the writers being true to Blair's character?

Ans: Perhaps, it's not the same Blair if you consider how she got in over her head in a precarious situation with her love life and career. No wait... that sounds exactly like Blair! Flashback to her Yale application and the Nate/Chuck scenario.

As for her schemes, they inevitably never work out. So, check.

Blair 'the coward' tag to make any choices for her suitors. Check.


3. Which relationship will suffer most as a result of the Dair kiss: Chair, Derena, Blerena or Duck?

Ans: If not evident enough with "The Final Straw," the obvious answer is Chair. It's actually a Kobayashimaru scenario for Chuck. He's damn he does anything or damn if he doesn't do anything. By becoming the villain to take down Dan he will be regressing to a character that most fans will hate while by becoming the mopey (Clark Kent character tossing his baseball in the barn scene) then he look even worst than he already is. It's off to that "Military Camp" for you, a brave new world awaits.

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