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Loved the ending. Dan/Blair is even better than I expected! Can't wait to see what's next. :)


@Where's Waldorf If you understood, you wouldn't be constantly whining about them.


@francene Then stop watching the show and drop it.

@kavern The writers never developed their characters properly or their relationships for that matter, so it turned into a repetitive mess. The characters need to grow and mature, but the writers are constantly reverting them back to the way they used to be.

@V I can say whatever I want, the same goes for you. Who are you to say what other people can/can't say? I'm invoking my freedom of speech just like you're doing right now.


@V Actually I think this is a huge misunderstanding. Because I don't have a problem with the way the show is going at all. That's why I don't want to be told to watch clips or to not watch it at all. I understand that Dair needs to happen, so like I said before I'll look past it. It's my favorite season regardless of what happens to my ship. I don't say this about every season. I've never really taken notice of how specifically great a season has been since season 2.


@V I'm not instructing anyone anything, I was only suggesting it to the people who are throwing tantrums all over the place.

@kjo The problem is the writers never really gave Chair a clear break before, it was always on/off, back/forth, and yes, many people did get tired of it, which is also who each season has lost a lot of viewers because it became all about their relationship, they didn't develop at all, it's stuck in a repetitive cycle of 'I love you but I can't be with you because of some bs plot exposition the writers made up on the fly'.

@Where's Waldorf It's one thing to defend yourself and what you like, but not when it's whining about it and throwing a tantrum like you're doing right now. Maybe you should form a fan club, it's more productive that way.



@ Where's Waldorf My point exactly. No one has the right to tell anyone to quit watching a show just because that person is not happy with the way the show is going and came to a public forum to complain. It is actually very healthy to air ones displeasure and let it go. WHy anyone feels this forum should be all pro GG or even pro Dan/Blair is beyond me. I am not here to champion a Chuck/Blair reunion cos frankly I do not believe they will be endgame but I am here to tell Anonymous that it has no right to be the moderator of this forum. Let people whine, let people vent, let people gloat, let people discuss. It is our collective inalienable right to express how we feel without imposing our views on anyone. Read up on freedom of expression.


@Lame I guess so, Chuck needs to move on from Blair, she's not worth it at all.

@Jarrod Mitchell Yeah.

@Where's Waldorf Then don't watch it, you can just find clips online that you can watch instead.

@chuckbass4life The writers don't care about viewers or the fans, they've made that very clear by pissing off fans intentionally.

@tati She shouldn't go back to him after she stomped all over his love, the dowry problem is over and Blair is still full of terrible excuses, enough is enough.


i'm a chair fan (not hardcore) and don't like dair but it doesn't stop me from actually enjoying the show every episode no matter how supposedly bad the writing is. i may not agree about everything but still it is a show i love to watch. and honestly, with all this chair, dair, derena or whatever shipping there is, i'd rather that they have chuck and serena be single and grow by themselves and let the dair fans have their fun. chair had their time albeit a very long time now, derena had there chance, many chances. self-discovery and growth involves only yourself so chuck and serena being single at the moment will be a great chance for the writers to develop them towards good.

i want chuck to broaden his empire and serena to be taken seriously , and become independent to make her realize that being with man doesn't mean she's incomplete same goes for chuck.


Is anyone else here a die-hard Chuck Bass fan? If so, link me to a forum so we can just rave on and on about him


i totally hated this episode. especially diar! like no passion chemistry at all! someone please shoot me for excitement. they dont even match for a fling yet love or inlove! barf! seriously ppl be honest.cant wait for that to be like over. and as for chuck i pray the writers let him move on and be happy without blair and let she realize what she let go for a brick wall! and then have to fight to get him back!move on please chuck you desire it. and i dont like where the other story line are heading hope the other episodes to come surprise me for the better n not the worst again!

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