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@V Goodbye.

@JDM No, Dan is not Chuck. If it was so, she would've already gone back to him instead of stomping all over his love and then saying that she's not in love with him.

Louis/the dowry isn't an obstacle anymore and Blair is still making up excuses.


As much as I love GG. Yeah, I'm a super big an of this show. Srsly, I've supported you for a couple of years. But this is too much, this episode sucks. Last week, I was a Dair shipper already, but when I saw the Promo for the next episode, I just realized. Nothing can beat Chair. They're really are PLATONIC. Uggh. They remind me, of Izzy and George of Grey's Anatomy. They thought they are perfect for each other, because they're best friends but sadly, they do not have Chemistry. So, I guess same goes with Dair. At the end, they'll just let go of one another. I'm just hoping Chuck would never give up on Blair. Ohh please.

Dear writers,
If you don't have anything good to write, try hiring VD writers.No offense but they are way so much better.


Yeah but even in the books, Chuck and Blair were both those villains you love. So they still had a lot in common which made them make sense as soul-mates, despite their random timing of their hookup. Their brief encounters in the first few episodes had heaps of on-screen chemistry.
But when I look at Dan and Blair over the older seasons, the episodes where they have encounters only made me wish they were better friends, not lovers. Quite like Chuck and Dan actually. I loved the episode in season 2 when Chuck really opened up to Dan and Dan punched someone for Chuck.


>When you're all arguing over relationships that will have no affect on our lives whatsoever in 2 years.


@ll Then they're both random, the writers already ran out of ideas a while ago with the whole stupid Royal crap.

Serena/Blair go through men like they go through clothes.


btw, i fail to mentioned doesn't anyone her love any of the lily and chuck scene and the dorota and serena scenes?

lily and chuck really is like a mother and son. lily's always there to comfort and support chuck no matter what he does. and chuck really does love lily like her own mother.

the dorota and serena scene was adorable. serena and dorota are two charcters that live at the same house but didn't have much interaction but watching dorota comfort serena the way she does with blair was just refreshing. if i have a help like dorota i definite wouldn't let her go. she just genuinely cares about them.


@Anonymous What wouldn't be so bad? Anyway, I believe I can happily go back to being a silent member (at least or now) since I have put my message across. Heading to the gym now but looking forward to reading more discussions :) Cheers.


And to Chuck lovers who think Blair is awful for not being in love with him, who wants to be in love with anyone, who will sleep with someone, just to get back at someone else?


She just wants a safer version of (what she had with) Chuck, dammit! Oh, and predictably enough, I suppose that once it gets out that Jack saved Chuck's life coupled with awful sex with Dan, she'll be going back to Chuck and they'll live happily ever after.


@Where's Waldorf Dan/Serena were never torn apart by their families, the writers threw a wrench into the whole relationship when they made them step-siblings and Rufus/Lily are still married, which makes them awkward.

It's not nearly as random as the Louis thing where suddenly he's so in love with Blair after she showed her true colors in Paris, she's been shown to be untrustworthy and it was really obvious she was cheating on him if she had to take a paternity test.

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