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@Anonymous Which episode did chuck say he changed? I recall Blair saying "he's changed". I recall him going to therapy, apologizing to blair for all the hurt he's caused her and caring for his dog monkey, but I don't recall him saying he's changed. Chuck has calmed down a great bit from season 1, 2, and 3, but he still schemes when provoked. That's what he knows how to do very well, just as Humphrey knows how to judge very well.

Nothing that Chuck has done is out of character, unlike Dan blaming someone for releasing a video he sent out. Writing poorly about his father in a book being a has-been trophy husband. Ditching his life-long friend for the UES. Lying and manipulating his friend Nate countless times when Nate was dating Serena. Completely turning his back on serena after he promised her he would always be there for her. Oh and ruining blair's birthday. Should I go on? Very much out of character for the superior humphrey..don't you think?

@GGFail I agree with you 100%.


Blair belongs with Dan.


Dan critics who give his “badness” as reasons why he doesn't "really" love Blair, & why Dair should not happen-aren't you getting the contradictions inherent in your arguments.And that was a rhetorical question!

If being bad & scheming & trying to achieve your own ends & whatever other bad things you wanna throw at Dan are the reasons you say that Dair should not happen then let me tell you - CHAIR never ever should have happened & never ever will. Because anything bad Dan has done, Chuck has done something much, much worse.

Your "logic" seems to be - X is bad. Ergo X does not deserve to end up with their partner.

Well, then in the slime bag hall of fame, Chuck occupies center stage! If all the guys on the show are to some extent douchebags, and weasels and schemers and what not, then by any measure of the levels of "douchebaggery", Dan still is the least douchey of them all. And thus, he should be the one most deserving to end up with his love.

Conclusion: Dair FTW!


@toohip Did you even read what I said? I said that no one said that he's perfect.



Im not a Dan hater but Dan has always been a little snake in the grass nothing wrong with that, thats the show but to say he is perfect? Please


@lucyyy Gossip Girl deserves to fall even further.

@momo83 No he doesn't, Chuck has claimed several times throughout the series that he's changed and all of that crap, it's very disingenuous just like Blair's proclamation of love. Chuck's actions are cowardice, his rivalry behavior towards Dan and what he did to his manuscript was straight out immature for someone who has supposedly changed. He claimed that he's changed when he hasn't, you say that he's trying to be a better person but his devious actions says otherwise. Chuck has gone back/forth between pretending to change and being the same annoyingly moody, brooding emo for the last few years. No, everything went downhill in Season 3: Dan/Serena being step siblings, Chuck sells Blair out for a hotel to Jack, then he sleeps with Jenny and then tries to propose to Blair, etc. It just went downhill from there.

@Ninasmileface They're both in the wrong, that doesn't make one better than the other.



What's control is Chuck selling Blair out for a hotel or almost punching her in a drunken stupor and almost forcing himself last season when Blair told him to stop.

I don't see that as control. It's definitely bad behavior but Chuck and Blair are both guilty of that. They're notorious for their drama and games. Anyone thinking Dan isn't playing his own game is fooling themselves. He's not a knight in shining armor.

@momo83 Yes! I agree with that. Dan schemes and manipulates but denies it. He's a weasel. Chuck is a Bad Boy, but he owns it.


Chuck wasn't selfless when... (I have to snip due to the 1000 character limit. :P

Chuck is often not selfless, but when it came to the most important moment of Blair's life, he put his feelings aside.

Chuck wanted Blair to run away with him, he wanted to buy her out of her loveless marriage with Louis, he didn't honor her decision.

Sure he did. She decided to marry Louis and he pleaded his case - and then stepped aside for Louis. Once she *left* Louis he offered his help. That's not control. Had he acted to help her without her knowledge or permission, *that* would be control.


Love to see the Chair fans all riled up. "Oh, the writers are such idiots...they should just put chair together...blah blah blah". Even if Chair is endgame, I have got news for you. This is not the end.If Chair do end up together at the end of S6, their relationship might just become more mature and they will have their happy ever after. If not then the same will apply to the eventual endgames.Why are u guys so dramatic? And stop this "i am so never watching the show again" crap after every fucking episode. Real fans of the show are not going to abandon the ship when the end is so near.


@QueenB and @toohip Considering that Blair has no self respect after being traded for a hotel to Jack Bass and being in a loveless marriage with Louis after she cheat/humiliated him, I'm not surprised Blair has turned out the way she did.

@momo83 That's bs. Chuck has claimed that he changed but he hasn't, so he's not true to himself. He's no more a self righteous hypocritical jerk than what you people claimed Dan to be. You can blame that on the writers.

Please, Blair was already judgmental way before Dan came into the picture.

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