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I loved it, I really loved it. At last a genuine friendship turned
to real love. Great work, really nice to see something genuine
in this great show. I dont understand why ppl complain that Blair "steals"
Dan from Serena, come on its a one way there. Serena has gotten obsessed by
Dan much like Chuck is of Blair, thus thoose two would be a great couple. :p
Now I must saccrifice some of my life time on the altar (soffa) to the TV god and pray that Blair will be the real endgame.


I know that she has said stuff about his hair...but obviously she is somehow still attracted to him..


@Relbelle Blair made that comment about his hair in the previous episode.

@ammy She was mad the moment she involved herself in the Louis drama.

@No longer watching gg Bye, please encourage other people to drop this show altogether.

@NomoreDAIR Her words were basically meaningless.


I'm sorry. I just can't get past Dan's hair. I can't take any thing he says or does seriously with that hair....

I don't know how I feel about him and Blair because I feel like she would never go for a guy with a head of hair such as that.


Blair has gone mad!
The real Blair would have never hurt Serena and would have vomit at the mere idea of kissing Humphrey.


Dair is gross

I won't watch anymore, the whole series has turned disturbing, the writers have killed gossip girl.


I can't believe they would turn Blair into such a pathetic person, really kissing Dan when just two episodes ago she loved Chuck more and more, when she would have given her life to save Chuck. Please what a fake character Blair has turned into a woman that has no clue of what she wants or who she loves. Worst she has betrayed everything and everyone that once matter to her.


@lucyyy Well, who could forget about that terribly cheesy dialogue?

The ratings have been sucking because it's terrible, it's all about relationship drama now and it's terribly written.

@* That's a big problem, in long, on/off relationships where the couple needs an actual break from each other, sometimes you need to let the ones you love free. What the writers did was constantly have them scurry back to each other and spew cliched cheesy dialogue at each other over and over again and now it's just beating a dying horse now.

@puppybunny1 The writers failed to have the characters develop, that or they constantly regress the characters.


@Ash He's not isolating her. Blair is doing all that on her own, she chose to go to Dan instead of Serena. Blair chose to kiss him back knowing that Serena was looking for him.

You should fear the one that actually sold her for a hotel or almost punched her in a drunken stupor after almost forcing himself on her when she said stop.

@Meep No one is saying he's perfect, you're just trying to take everything out on Dan.

Are you implying that Dan may be a killer now? Seriously?

@chair! It's not nearly as forced as the stupid Louis storyline or Chair's dialogue "I can't possibly love you anymore than I can right now".


The way Dan is isolating Blair and eliminating everyone else from her life, I fear for her if she tries to leave him now.

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