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Blair isn't herself right now and if she knew everything Dan has been doing she wouldn't see him as a good guy. He will also cause her mother to lose and her to lose everything this isn't a root able couple and it won't end well for them.

Blair will eventually come back to being her true self and will than will go back to Chuck who I hope she has to fight for after she has hurt him and Serena.

Dan's past deeds will come back to haunt him and he will end up alone



That is all.


@ Dair for ever : amen to that !! Im not a chair shipper at all but I could appreciate their scenes together at some point. But to me something was always missing ...realism maybe I don't know !

But in last night episode...how Blair realized her love for Dan while quoting all the reasons Serena should love him, the change in her voice, in her look, the perceptible envy of Dan looking at her, it was epic ! Loved it!!


I loved yesterdays episode.
But the most entairtaining is that chair fans are accusing Blair about what she ''did'' to Serena.
Serena have slept with Nate and with Carter, and Blair is the one to blame for, for one kiss?


I thought GG viewers, irrespective of whichever ship, were romantics at heart. And Chair supporters - You see this awesome kiss, the obvious love, respect, caring and passion between Dair, and you are so hell bent on yesterday’s news i.e. Chair, that you cannot appreciate the intensity and romance that is alive between Dair? Shame on you…

I hope the writers never kowtow to this inane need for Chair endgame and I hope they listen to the increasing demand for Dair as end game…

Dair is the stuff that romance and love and companionship are made of…we need more of that in this world please…

Less of the self-harming, hedonistic, full of one-upmanship relationships like Chair was and more of this steadfast, caring, loving, mutually sustaining, deeply passionate relationship that Dair IS.



Dair is the ONLY good thing about this show right now! Besides Dorota, Harold, and Cyrus. I'm so glad the writers are finally giving us the FUN factor! They weren't threatened by crazy fans and took a real risk! And it's really paying off!!!


Blair: Just be your charming wonderful self, like you’ve been to me…
Dan: You think I’ve been wonderful?
Blair: Look at everything we’ve been through together…(wistfully gazing into his eyes) So then, if you’re that guy with Serena, how could she not love you? (And just like that she enumerated some of the MANY reasons why SHE LOVES Dan)

Dan: Do you really want us to get back together?
Blair: I just want you to be happy. Tell me what would make you happy Dan? (She knows he likes her… what a leading question… this shows that she wants it just as bad…tacitly giving him permission for what he’s going to do next…wanting him so bad herself…)

And here I have the perfect description of Blair - Without saying a word, her eyes say “I love you”, Her arms say “I need you”, Her lips say “Why don’t you”

And then next, those looks and THE KISS…wow …EPIC X Infinity


On the eve of Valentine’s day, thank you GG writers for finally heading in the right direction and giving us THE kiss. The build up to it, the passion…despite abruptly ending it, I can’t help watching it again and again and again!

I know you’ll make Chair endgame because…I have no idea why…but for this, for now, for Dair – thank you!


also difference between dan and serena during the "ben" period is that both dan and serena has no feelings for each other then. whereas now blair is fully aware that serena feels something for dan


@S Serena understands that dan is into blair but what she doesn't get is blair since blair hasn't clearly said that she likes dan. what serena knows is that blair wants chuck and then she saw blair and dan kissing that's why she's mad at blair. plus, i think in this episode serena was trying to avoid dan but it was blair who pushed her towards dan then saw them kissing.

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