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@pty and @kavern It's no different from when Blair cheated on Louis when they were engaged.

@anon Gossip Girl is no Pride and Prejudice, the writers can't even touch Jane Austen.

@GG writers sucks Chuck can only get better when he's not with Blair, he can only 'change' when she's not involved.

@bubumaelou Just dangle another 'nice guy' in front of Serena and she'll fall head over heels like she did last year.

@pty Gossip Girl and religion just doesn't mesh well together, which is part of the reason why it was so ridiculous of Blair to suddenly make a pact to God.


@Ace completely agree with you


@Anonymous serena did lead dan and nate on but she was about to choose dan until that juliet bitch messed it up.

serena confessed to dan that she was going to choose him.(the townie episode)


And while DAIR I don't believe carries the show, at least not by itself, it certainly is a catalyst for drama that stirs the pot just enough to keep the ship from sinking.

Is this why the writers have gone completely insane with the overblown plots this season?

Had they developed season 4 DAIR sans Louis, perhaps it wouldn't have been, while great and fun, the pot-stirer it is today. A natural progression from friendship into deep love? No no we can't have that. Let's bring Louis back and make this ship as crazy and overblown to really get the fandom going.

... no me gusta.


@Ray She was already a slut when she cheated on her fiancee Louis with Chuck.

@jsd Except Beverly Hills 90210 had better storylines and didn't constantly ruin their characters and relationships.

@Amandine Tonight? She died when she turned into a pathetic, whiny, needy hoe with Louis and Chuck.

@pty The writers already ruined Derena when they made them step siblings.

@kavern Dan was at the wedding, he obviously knows she's married and so did Blair when she kissed him back.

Chuck and Blair didn't wait, Blair already cheated on Louis when they were engaged, she humiliated him at the altar in front of everyone.


This show will end, not by cancellation, but by finishing out the actors' contracts. The show already hit profitability once it hit its 100th episode, allowing for syndication. A season 6 will allow other networks to be shopped around and it'll end there.

It's rare when a show gets to 100 and then canceled. Even with Buffy, UPN picked it up. The WB recognized that when they canceled Angel, so, it's very very unlikely that whatever viewership decides to abandon GG, syndication will fund season 6 and it'll be done with.

I mean come on, why else reveal Gossip Girl? Granted, she's the "new" Gossip Girl, but it's indication that a planned series finale is in the works and coming by end of season 6.


@question Dair has been jerked around so much (ex. Louis storyline pushing them aside for the stupid love triangle), this is the 1st time they've actually shown a real, 2-sided kiss.

@Alex Yes, at least Pretty Little Liars actually has a mystery going, the characters actually have a life besides a stupid back/forth relationship that's constantly ruined by writers.

@shmeh It doesn't make any sense.

@Audrey M. Agreed.

@zeenz Serena led both Nate and Dan on and she didn't choose either 1 of them, she ended up with Ben and he broke up with her, now she's suddenly in love with Dan?

@Meg Blair has become very 'easy', that or it's because of her ridiculous pact to God and her dumb dowry problem.

@kavern Serena/Chuck should just hook up and complete this show's love chart.


"Blairs not herself right now" oh comeon, elaborate please :D just coz she loves Dan doesn't mean she isn't Blair Waldorf anymore


Olalaaa finally Dair!


Dair DOES NOT CARRY THE SHOW, it's fucking it up :)

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