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All the Chair fans boycotting the show live your life a little. You all are so convinced that Dair is a bump in the road that leads to the ultimate destination. A while ago you were complaining about a ridiculous bump like the 'pact' and when they give you a real one, you can't stand it anymore. Watch and see where Dair go wrong, so that your precious Chair can be together.


@Livelovelaugh Blair/Serena are terrible friends, they were fighting before Dan even came into the picture.

@Glitterkorn Dan/Serena were ruined the moment the writers foolishly made them into step siblings, now it's just awkward except for the Chair fans who only want this out of convenience.

@Kat Well, she was stupid for even coming back in the 1st place.

Gossip Girl has been lame and annoying for a while now.


Im happy for dan and blair to run its course but i hate what its doing to blair/Serena in the long run i dont want dair to be together but im interested at the moment


I'm glad Charlie/Ivy is about to get busted. I cannot believe she didn't stick around to tell Lily about her mother being so sick.

I also cannot believe that Cyrus would allow Blair to sign a prenup that didn't have a legal out. But even so, its only a year before she can divorce him. Maybe in a year, Blair can figure out who the heck she wants to be with.

Unresolved sexual tension is fun. Too much is annoying and lame. GG has reached the annoying stage.


Having been a fan of GG since season one, I have to admit to being a little disappointed with the fifth season... until the last three episodes. I agree - the stories are a bit disjointed (and yes, that assistant DOES look just like Vanessa), but ridiculous entertaining drama is what this show is all about and they're finally getting back to their roots.

As for all of the permutations that are surfacing (Chair, Derena, Blerena and Duck), I think we're in for some serious surprises, especially with the conniving Georgina playing around with everyone's lives. I think Chuck and Blair are meant to be... but I am entertained by the addition of Dan, because, let's face it, his on-again-off-again with S is a hot mess.


@Ace Buffy was picked up because it was popular and it was still doing better than Gossip Girl is right now.

Gossip Girl has nowhere to go, it's still on a perpetual loop of repetitive relationship drama. A show becomes more expensive after 100 episodes, so if they want to waste money on a show that's getting worse, than the CW network deserves to go down in flames which is what they're heading towards each year, they're getting worse.

@kris I blame Serena's portrayal on the horrible writing.

Gossip Girl doesn't deserve a wrap up, it's not a complex show that actually have plots to finish up.

It's just ridiculous, repetitive relationship drama that has gotten stale and tired, it just needs to end.

If you give them another season, you'll just get more ridiculous excuses and roadblocks and more back and forth crap.

@Chair Fans The parties are getting lamer and lamer.


@kris Dan/Serena share a half brother and their parents are still married, that makes them more incestuous.

Jenny doesn't exist on this show anymore, Blair doesn't seem to mind otherwise she would've used that excuse.

@sarah Until Dan sells her out for a book deal or he almost punches her in a drunken stupor, what he does can't even be considered bad compared to what other characters have done. Blair chose to be in a loveless marriage especially since she was constantly cheating behind Louis' back.

@Rogue Blame the writers for ruining this show.


@Anonymous since you said that serena is in love again with dan because the plot says so we shouldn't blame serena..we should blame the writer for reviving this mess.

but i do think this deserve a final season a farewell season just to wrap things up and not end it abruptly.


btw who thinks that the party in this episode is by far the lamest party ever done in gossip girl? raise your hand if you agree.

but its pretty cool to see S, C and N in school uniform. would have been better if blair wore a headband and uniform too.


@Amelia Blair and Serena are always fighting, they're terrible friends who are constantly backstabbing each other even before Dan came into the picture.

@Lucyyy That doesn't make it any better.

@Chair Fan She still ended being with Ben instead of actually pursuing Dan, not she's suddenly hung up on her step brother because the plot says so.

@neats They deserve to lose viewers, even though they've already lost most of their audience at this point.

@Where's Waldorf Serena did stop loving him when there's other guys she's sleeping with like Nate, Tripp, Aaron, Ben, etc.

No one has dibs on each other, Serena slept with Nate and Blair kissed Dan.

@Dr. Holland Honestly, this show deserves to be canceled, there are better shows out there that deserves more of a chance than this terribly written show.

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