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I would have liked to see Dair get out of the country to annul the marriage, and not have this whole dowry thing come up. The dowry is a ridiculous plot device. Don't you think Blair would have thought about this whole "my mother and i will go broke if i annul this marriage" thing BEFORE the trip to the airport? And why wouldn't she call Dorota ahead of time, like while they were in the car? I get she was desperate, but you'd think Blair would have this all organized. She WAS about to go on her honeymoon after the wedding, so she should have been packed with a passport ready to go...
However, going back to the fundamental problem here, I still don't get why Louis even married her. You'd think he would look worse and the family would be more embarrassed because he married a woman who professed her love for another man right before the wedding... he would look worse to me marrying her than leaving her at the alter and retaining his dignity...


@LelaRose Blair chose to marry him after cheating/lying behind his back and she only wanted to be a princess, not love. She deserves to face the consequences for her actions.

Louis isn't really locking her away, he just wants her to stay at his side for show and Blair chose to comply.

@Marian and @Meep Dawson's Creek had better writing than Gossip Girl, the Gossip Girl writers aren't capable of that so that's why they're in this mess.

@Kay Serena has been nothing but selfish because the attention isn't on her and there aren't guys throwing themselves at her like they did in the past.


I hate Blair & Dan together. I'm over the love triangle. Serena is my favorite character and I feel like she's been treated like crap for to long. I can't wait to see what happens with Nate and the real Charlie. I'm excited to see how that plays out. As for Blair and Louis, I kind of seen that coming. You can only mess with someone for so long until they've had it. I hope chuck will come to his senses soon too. Maybe the writers should give him another long term girl in his life.


Disclaimer: This all happened off-screen, so it's pointless to speculate. The director obviously wants us to think Dan sent the video, but since I'm desperate to believe otherwise, here are some alternatives:

Rufus: He was actually in the same room with Chuck after Georgina handed off the camera.

Nate: As the only one of the crew never to have sent a blast, he could be the "least likely" choice GG's commentary was referring to.

Louis' Mom/Sister: Could be that it was all an elaborate plot to swindle the Waldorfs out of their fortune. It's not unheard of for royalty to go broke.

Eleanor: No idea how she could have discovered the video, but after bringing in Chuck, it was evident she would have done anything to stop the farce of a wedding.

Georgina: She can't live up to Gossip Girl's chaos for chaos' sake due to her vested interest in ruining the UES gang's lives, so she could have sent the video to pit them against each other.


Also if Louis was going to lock her away, then why would she be free to attend a valentine's day party in New York with the man she ran off with after her wedding and the man she was publicly caught confessing her eternal love too?


, Blair is MARRIED to some psychotic royalty...Seriously, if I were from Monaco I'd be pissed that my country's leaders were being dragged in the mud. Even if Sophie and Louis aren't real, they've made references to the real royals. Blair is married to some evil prince while being in love with Chuck, although she keeps coming up with bullshit reasons for not being with him and running off with Dan. It would take a simpleton not to know that he's in love with her and I didn't think Blair was a simpleton.

Blair, pick Dan or Chuck, this is nonsense.


I have to agree with what a lot of people are saying...

Blair, pick someone. I'm tired of all these love triangles. The original Nate and Chuck one made sense. Nate was her long time boyfriend while Chuck was an unexpected passion. Then Blair dated Marcus to get back at Chuck for hurting her, there was no contest there, it was about revenge. Same with Carter. Going back to Nate made no sense to me the time but at least they explained that Blair always wanted to to prom with him. The picture perfect evening. Now its messed up


@Marian...doubt it


You never know it might end up like dawson's creek blair and dan being together like joey chose pacey lol


So Dan is the one who sent the video??? Wow didn't really see that coming.
Nate and the new girl...boring.
I love the Chair scene. It was definitely the best one of the night for me.
Overall this episode was bad because it:
-shows Louis and his freaking family will stay around longer
-Chair will not be getting together anytime soon
-Dair is yet be to over and done with.
No wonder why this episode was bad, it was mostly about Blair and Louis, had more Dair scenes, and just not enough of Chair in general.

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