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I am a chair fan ..... but it is unfair for chuck to remain hanging
if blair has feelings for Dan she should tell chuck so he will move on.


Am I the only one that is so totally grossed out by Dan and Blair together. Chuck and Blair forever and thats it.


@lee: never have, never will.


considering how riled up you all are I think the writers are doing exactly what is needed to keep the show going. who wants to watch chair? when chair was together it was so melodramatic and boring. ALL FOR DAIR. it's different, it's fresh and sends a good message to people watching (good relationships are based on mutual interests and friendship, not secret sex rendezvous and strange emotional pacts)

Chair= high school, crazy college freshman endgame
Dair= mature, young adult endgame

Seriously, GO DAIR


@Arte, Among a lot of other things, Yes I was once a Britney fan.


dair is s boring. even their kiss scenes are so "forced" their kissing is disgusting. it has no magic, no spark, and no chemistry. writers this better all be worth it for a chuck and blair big balooza!! becaus ei did not wait 5 seasons, all this cheering on for chuck and blair (the couple that make the show) to watch two people that have no chemistry what so ever, be together. i fast forward and shield my eyes in the kiss scenes, because its so awkward.......
bring back the show= chuck and blair!


@likefootprintsinsand and @amanda***

YOU SAID IT ALL! It is right, even tough Chuck IS Blair's first love (and you always love your first love), sometimes the paths do not continue together.

That's why I love DAIR, because they share the same passions and like the same things, but not in a disturbing kinda "clon" way. I know I said before that the timming wasn't right, but I'm sorry... I CAN'T STOP WATCHING THE PROMOS!


@Uncle Jackass
are you a britney fan?


Dare to Dair forever



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