Gossip Girl Promos: "Cross Rhodes"

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Below are a couple of promos (U.S. and Canada) for next week's episode of Gossip Girl, "Cross Rhodes." It picks up right where "Crazy, Cupid, Love" left off, and the aftermath of Dair's kiss is quickly felt by all.

According to the episode synopsis, "Blair tries to prove Serena's suspicions wrong in order to save their friendship." Good luck with that. If last night told us anything, it's that she does have feelings for Dan.

Speaking of the Muppet, he's confronted about his feelings as well - by Chuck. Is Dan really winning, as he tells Chuck in the Canadian promo below, or is the Bass Man in another league, as he claims?

Take a look at both teasers for next week and see what you think:

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I'm slightly biased b/c I've never been a fan of Chuck... He's too contrived. Raspy voice, strange posture, least hot guy in the show... Seriously, they have to hide him in layers of suit to make him look decent compared to the gorgeous Chase Crawford.
Either way, this development towards Dair makes the show watchable again b/c now we can focus on the main characters and half-way forget about that awful Louis. Although, I think the show is setting up Dair for destruction b/c Blair still doesn't know who sent that blast...


The promo is so ewww ...the title of this episode should be Gross Rhodes!


Most of the Chair commenters sound like a bunch of minions. Seriously, are they so lost in fandom that they can't handle new and positive growth? I agree that it might be a bit too soon after the wedding, but I think the truth struck Blair and she was blindsided. THIS was the guy who supported her through everything, not Chuck! Chuck was too selfish to let go, but Dan respects her so much and loves her enough to be a silent supporter. Blair has NEVER had that kind of love. Not from Chuck, Nate or Louis. Dan also challengers. He respects the decisions she has made this season even if he doesn't agree with them but always gives her a different perspective. I LOVE DAIR. I hope it is endgame and am really really enjoying these episodes.


Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. LOVE IS DAIR!!! Dan and Blair deserves to be happy. They make each other a better person...


dan and blair have 0 chemistry!!! dan belongs with serena and blair with chuck!


come on writers...you're just trying to make fool of people who watched gg..from the beginning everyone knows that chuck and blair is endgame..no matter how hard you try to twist this show at the end chuck and blair would be together no matter what..to chair fans.. come on guys...do you really believe that this show is gonna work other than chair???they just trying to makes us wait for chair to be reunited because they know that majority of people would want to watch and wait for that precious scene..if they make chair reunited so soon i think they afraid that no one would watch this show anymore as the popular couple(the reason why this show is still on television) already reunited... so whatever it is...chair forever...


penelope lol aww :P i understand youre watching thru extremely chair biased eyes but exagerration has a limit as well. DARE TO DAIR!


let me just say this,i was once a chair shipper...i love them...i really do,but after so many problems and obstacles they went through,i just felt that their relationship is just too hard and difficult.and maybe they're just not meant to be together if it's too hard.chuck and blair will always be CHUCK AND BLAIR.but i just think that enough is enough.blair and chuck should just move on.their relationship is just getting unhealthy by the minute.and by the look of how dan is sooo inlove with blair makes me feel like he's the right guy for her.he does care for blair and blair,apparently,cares for him too.i guess that is fair enough right?or do i need to say more?;)


the problem that she cant tell him to move on because shes still madly in love with him , dan is just another obstacle, but i agree with you she should tell him on what they are standing and not torture him like that


Excited for the next episode.