Gossip Girl Promos: "Cross Rhodes"

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Below are a couple of promos (U.S. and Canada) for next week's episode of Gossip Girl, "Cross Rhodes." It picks up right where "Crazy, Cupid, Love" left off, and the aftermath of Dair's kiss is quickly felt by all.

According to the episode synopsis, "Blair tries to prove Serena's suspicions wrong in order to save their friendship." Good luck with that. If last night told us anything, it's that she does have feelings for Dan.

Speaking of the Muppet, he's confronted about his feelings as well - by Chuck. Is Dan really winning, as he tells Chuck in the Canadian promo below, or is the Bass Man in another league, as he claims?

Take a look at both teasers for next week and see what you think:

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@ShallowCommenter I agree with you. Wish the boys would interact more. Also the fashion sense of Chuck Bass ala season one was off the chain. Will never forget his outfit to go play basket ball with Nate and the boys during the lost weekend.


People are acting like Dan is so supportive of Blair and Chuck is so selfish, yet Chuck wasn't even going to attend Blair's wedding because he knew that Blair felt like she needed to marry Louis, it was Eleanors fault that he was there that way. And when Blair gave Chuck the signal that she wanted him to walk away at the wedding he did. Dan stood by the whole time and acted like he was supporting her choice then sent the video to Gossip Girl embarassing her in front of all those people. It was because of that video that Louis has become the monster towards Blair that he is now. And Dan also let Blair think Chuck was the one who sent it. He didn't need to come out and tell her it was him but he could have at least tried to convince her it was Georgina not Chuck. People need to stop acting like Dan is a saint. I know Chuck has made a lot of HORRIBLE mistakes in the past but Dan isn't completely squeaky clean either. They are on even playing ground now, just Blair doesn't know it.


Serena didn't leave town because she felt guilty of what she did to Blair, she left because she thought she killed Peter who died from overdose. And by the way, Blair had a relationship with Nate then, but Serena and Dan broke up seasons ago and since then she had other boyfriends like Tripp, Carter Baizen and her professor from boarding school to name a few. Why is it ok that Serena was with Nate after he broke up with Blair (season 3) and Blair can't be with Dan? Serena decided she wants Dan back only after realising that he is love with Blair and cares for her more that he did for her in the past!


@ShallowCommenter HA! I love that your comment kinda just appeared out of nowhere. I'll take a dip in the shallow end for a sec... "bangability" IS in the eye of the beholder! lol. I do prefer Ed to Chace and like Penn in his hobo chic glory. I think you'll find a lot of women don't want the so called "ideal" beauty. All our gossip boys are gorgeous though. *drools* I want more bromances and sexy time! In the same scene! Make it happen, show.


@ Shallow Commenter: lol, but you know, if you read youtube comments and comments in the CB thread in TV Forums, you'll see a lot of girls are lusting after Chuck, it's quite impresive, specially in youtube.


Wow people need to stop with these endgame legends ! The history of all TV series have shown characters DO NOT necessarily end up with the predicted one !
Never stuck to Chair, can be funny but def not consistent as a couple !
I always been and now more than ever for Dan & Blair.


I feel the writers are stoned this season, cause everything is a bloody mess!!!


DAIR for now! even Chair is the endgame!pls enjoy the show and stop complaning..sigh


Team Dair, Team Chair, whatever I don't care. The ship wars are done to death. Let's talk boys! Someone said Chuck is the least attractive and I know most people think that but he's always been the most bangable to me. I hate that they dress him in suits 'cause he looked hot as all get out in those Paris eps. Idk, Chace is so very pretty but he doesn't do it for me. I like imperfections on men. Also Penn became SO much hotter to me when he started to look like Jeff Buckley. More muppet mop, less J Crew please. Is something wrong with me or is bangability really in the eye of the beholder? Of course if I could I'd take all 3 home with me. Even Louis, as long as he doesn't speak. Yes, I'm shallow. No, this isn't too shallow for GG.


i'm starting to think blair's not enough for chuck now..