Gossip Girl Photos: Dair in "Crazy, Cupid Love"?

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Valentine’s Day comes to the Upper East Side a day early, February 13.

According to the CW's official synopsis, "Blair (Leighton Meester) can’t resist playing cupid for someone she loves." Based on images like this one, you have to wonder if that person is ... no, it couldn't be, right?

Hot Dair Action?!

Very, very interesting to say the least. Meanwhile, "Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) is intent on stirring up more drama, so she decides to crash Nate’s (Chace Crawford) Valentine’s Day party."

Finally, "Serena (Blake Lively) is shocked by something she witnesses at the party."

Hmm ... it's obvious from the surprising conclusion of this week's episode, and the promotional photos for next week, that Dan and Blair's relationship will play a central role on the show going forward.

The question is whether that relationship becomes romantic, and the extent to which Chuck Bass remains in the mix as well. Whatever happens, fan opinions will likely be wide-ranging and passionate.

On the periphery throughout is Georgina - who may or may not be Gossip Girl - as well as the real Charlie, whose role expands in the coming weeks. How do you see things playing out?

Click to enlarge the photos from the "Crazy Cupid Love" below ..

Chuck With Georgina Pic
Georgina and Dan
Ms. Serena VDW
BD Pic
Charlie and Nate Picture
Valentine's Day Concert
Serena and Blair Image
Blair and Dan Image
The Caterer
Real Charlie!

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I'm annoyed with the GG writers and the GG storylines at the moment. And I have too much free time obviously;-)
@ms. m
I think that GG had and still has a lot of potential to be a great show and I think that the writers are wasting that potential since s3. And I think a lot of people agree with me on that no matter which couple they're rooting for.
@Dr. Holland
Sorry, I really didn't want to scare you. I hope that I'm wrong! But like I said since the chenny storyline I'm expecting the worst from the writers.


@Dr Holland That's because Revenge is a superior show compared to Gossip Girl, Victoria Grayson is what Blair's character should've been instead of this whiny, insecure, pathetic being. @Mel. and @dover The writers aren't even trying, in 1 of the interviews, they even whined about fan complaints and how much they enjoy pissing off their fans as if they were a bunch of immature idiots.


I agree with ms.m about the writing for every character. I really loved Season 4 Dair, they brought out the best in each other and added value to who they were as people just by being with each other. The whole Blair and Louis thing really brought her character down to a low point. I can only hope the writers will bring Blair's personality back to the core of who she is and even better as a person. Like Gossip Girl said evolving is a tricky thing and you can't change w/out changing the world around you. I think she really needs to evaluate where her life is at this point and decide who she is going to become. I love Dair and think Dan will play a major role in this process. However, I am not a Chair hater and if she decides she still loves Chuck after going through this then so be it. I really don't have much confidence in the writers, so I guess we will all see where this goes, but I'm selfishly hoping for DAIR.

Dr hollis

Totally agree with Dover here: "The possibility of Cherena happening next hasn´t even crossed my mind until you came along! Please don´t scare me so much! This couple´s always been sacred to me. They achieved the impossible and overcame their history and hate and became friends. In my head they´re as much siblings as Eric and Serena are. Especially since Lily is often a better mum to Chuck then to Dan or even her biological kids." Nothing more to add here, Your Honor! Always loved the Chuck and Eric brotherhood as well... miss Conor Paolo but don't blame him for jumping from the GG ship at all.

Dr hollis

TinaTrina, and you're right here along with us. :) The lady dost protest too much...


@dover, @dr. holland, @ilovechair reading your comments i have to say i wholeheartedly agree with most of your sentiments. though i jumped ships...from Chair to Dair...i don't like that Serena and Chuck don't have story lines outside of 'reacting' to Blouis or Dair. in S4 when Blair/Dan had a seat at the Chuck/Raina and Serena/Ben show, they both also had the W mag internship storyline. It was relevant, well thought out, and made sense. Serena yo-yo'ing with her career/love life and Chuck waiting for Blair aren't real substantive stories b/c they've been told and retold over and over. There needs to be exciting new stories for EVERY character. Not just a few. Overall that's my biggest complaint about the writing.


You're right,they seem to enjoy torturing us. For the rest of the season I'm hoping for the best, but I'm really expecting the worst!


Totally agree, it's just my opinion & I feel like the gossip girl writers have completely lost the essence of this show. The characters are dull and have no real purpose anymore. In fact their writing has become disgraceful.


@Ilovechair:At times the writers DO seem pretty determined to frustrate fans, so...


I'm sorry, I didn't want to scare you. But when I read the interview with Schwartz, Savage and Safran, they said that C and S would deal with Dair together. After the chenny storyline I'm expecting the worst from the GG writers. So that's the reason why I came up with this. But I could be wrong and I really hope that I'm wrong!!!

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