Gossip Girl Photos: Dair in "Crazy, Cupid Love"?

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Valentine’s Day comes to the Upper East Side a day early, February 13.

According to the CW's official synopsis, "Blair (Leighton Meester) can’t resist playing cupid for someone she loves." Based on images like this one, you have to wonder if that person is ... no, it couldn't be, right?

Hot Dair Action?!

Very, very interesting to say the least. Meanwhile, "Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) is intent on stirring up more drama, so she decides to crash Nate’s (Chace Crawford) Valentine’s Day party."

Finally, "Serena (Blake Lively) is shocked by something she witnesses at the party."

Hmm ... it's obvious from the surprising conclusion of this week's episode, and the promotional photos for next week, that Dan and Blair's relationship will play a central role on the show going forward.

The question is whether that relationship becomes romantic, and the extent to which Chuck Bass remains in the mix as well. Whatever happens, fan opinions will likely be wide-ranging and passionate.

On the periphery throughout is Georgina - who may or may not be Gossip Girl - as well as the real Charlie, whose role expands in the coming weeks. How do you see things playing out?

Click to enlarge the photos from the "Crazy Cupid Love" below ..

Chuck With Georgina Pic
Georgina and Dan
Ms. Serena VDW
BD Pic
Charlie and Nate Picture
Valentine's Day Concert
Serena and Blair Image
Blair and Dan Image
The Caterer
Real Charlie!

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Chair is so overrated. If Dair can't happen, then AT LEAST let Blair stop bickering/picking on Dan and let them be actual friends.


I'll be so excited if the writers DARE to dair - give me a scene where blair kissed dan and i'll be happy. Chair can be endgame for all I care, but DAIR MUST be happening... at least I hope it is. Be brave writer's there's 50% of the fan base that is looking for something new and OMFG worthy. Of course, I'd be interested to see chuck's reaction... considering it seems highly unfair of B to confess her feelins to him then marry louis anyway and then run off with dan -- but the plot lines of these storylines have been soapy so you never know.


@Blairbee - ROFL that made me laugh! of course it is prob true... time moves faster in tv shows and is obviously very unrealistic.


I'm agree with @Marry that friendship is love. But another kind of love. And I have one friend like Dan. We share the joys and disappointments, we read the same books, like the same movies, we rely on each other in difficult times and love him, but there is no spark between us. To get between two people must have passion, desire to start every time they touched. When I was 20 my grandmother used to say that any problem with my boyfriend I can fix it in bed ... Remember "The Notebook". They had nothing in common except a passion.And constantly quarreling, but their passion drew them to each other and they were happy together. I'm not seeing this chemistry between Dan and Blair.
I'm new here. Excuse me for my bad English ( it's not my first language) and for a long and emotional comment. :)


It is taking FOREVER for DAIR to HAPPEN. Please let Dan get out of the friends zone.


@Mel. That's because he's an incompetent idiot who's probably laughing at all of the pissed off fans.


I really like the Blair and Chuck love affair. It seems to be getting a little junky. One minute she can't live without him, then she can live without him. What for a prince she doesn't love. Blair is getting crazy. The story line with Dan is dumb. They do not match will together. He is to dry and boring. Get her back with Chuck Bass. I love everything about there love story. Serena and Nate should get together as for Dan who cares. He is just plain boring. Do something more with him? Blair and Chuck have had ups and downs, but they have the real thing. Who can really have her heart or his heart no one? Give Blair and Chuck a real chance for a while. I believe they deserve it


I think I can safely assume Annie/Olivia/Fanny/Prada/Love/Sky is the same person. You are obviously not from the US because you have a very poor knowledge of the English language and your from a VERY conservative country that probably does not look at women as equals in society. I'm not sure why you feel the need to disguise your contempt about Blair under so many guises, because just one is foolish enough. If your going to watch American shows, your going to have to accept that women are just as sexually free as the men here. It's very hypocritical to think Chuck and Dan are wonderful and yet Blair is the prostitute?!


@anonymous I know the writers are seriously getting under my skin, the fact that Joshua safran said that the writers are too far gone to change the storylines is insane.
The fact that the twitter wars are actually promting the producers to confront fans is amazing.
Sooner or later I'm banking on a fan boycott of gossip girl. I'm so sick of these storylines. They're pointless and truthfully, gossip Girl can and has done WAY, WAY BETTER. It's so disappointing.


I thoroughly enjoyed the Dair interaction at the latter half of season 4. It was disappointing that season 5 had been this manfactured triangle between all three. If Dair happens, I'll be okay with it, though I'd be happier had it evolved from how season 4 ended as opposed to this Louis fiasco. The wrtiers seriously have ADD when it comes to developing their SLs. The whole DAIR/CHAIR debate is just their latest casualty.

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