Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: Dan vs. Chuck

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In the Canadian promo for Monday's Gossip Girl episode, "The Princess Dowry," the battle lines are clearly being drawn between Dan and Chuck. Suffice it to say, the latter isn't giving up without a fight.

Whether his efforts pay off remains an open question.

How far is Chuck willing to go to dispatch Humphrey as an obstacle to win back the girl of his dreams? Will Dan and Blair build off of what we saw play out in "Cross Rhodes" or be dealt a setback?

Take a look at the promo and see what you think:

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@ll this isn't the OC, sucks that the writers can't come up with anything original :( btw TMI on the sex god bit...


Hahhaa next promo is so hilarious ! Love Dair so much ...and it just confirms to me they are so endgame right now. Please give the poor Dan a rest it's been like a year he's been chaste lol. You can see on the promo he was so nervous !
Dair all the way!


@Anonymous ok I don't have cable


@V If I were a bootlicker, I would want people to watch the show. Josh Safran is too busy ruining the show to come here. My remarks are not condescending, I'm serious, people would do better to not watch this show and drop it, instead of just making idle threats that the writers don't even care about. I'm not forcing anyone to do anything, it's their (and your) choice.


"I would say that people should stop watching the show and drop it, I won't hold it against them." Kindly stop being condescending and allow people feel free to say what they want to say, even if it is to throw a tantrum. It is called Freedom of Expression, an inalienable right vested in each and everyone of us. Cheers!


@Cindy trust me people get better. (I am already a god when it comes to sex)


Cont..Anyway, @Anonymous with due respect who do you think you are to ask people to stop watching the show and to even go further to say you won't hold it against them? Are you Safran, a GG writer or a bootlicker? It's a matter of choice and a right vested in every person who visits this page to quit, to complain or to trudge along for the GG journey. I find it necessary to say this because of one of your numerous posts which I shall reproduce below:


To say I am disappointed in the way GG is panning out is an understatement. I still check on this site frequently to feel the pulse of people invested in the show..especially those like me who have been faithful for 5 years and I must say it is a bit of a comfort to know I am not alone in my immense displeasure.That being said, I really don't understand how Anonymous has so much time to post condescending remarks on this page so much so it appears like it's a virus at work. Is this forum corrupted or something?


@latinalover The OC, Josh Schwartz' other show that's much better than Gossip Girl. @Cindy That's not true, the same thing happened in The OC and they got better by the end of the series.


If you're sex sucks the first time and you are "so in love" it will always suck :/