Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: Dan vs. Chuck

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In the Canadian promo for Monday's Gossip Girl episode, "The Princess Dowry," the battle lines are clearly being drawn between Dan and Chuck. Suffice it to say, the latter isn't giving up without a fight.

Whether his efforts pay off remains an open question.

How far is Chuck willing to go to dispatch Humphrey as an obstacle to win back the girl of his dreams? Will Dan and Blair build off of what we saw play out in "Cross Rhodes" or be dealt a setback?

Take a look at the promo and see what you think:

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@V I agree with you 100%. I have totally stopped watching GG because Blair is not suppost to be with Dan. Dan is suppost to be with Serena. Chuck and Blair are ment to be together!!! CHUCK AND BLAIR FOREVER!!! I'm not going to watch GG again until Chuck and Blair are back together!! Chuck is my fav character!!


@V Maybe you should take your own advice, I can say whatever I want. @Elisa Dan/Blair were snarky and both judgmental in their own ways, which is why they react the way they do, they've helped Serena on certain occasions.


@V & @ Where's Waldorf, I agree with you! I really invested my time in this tv show and it's normal to feel a little bit disappointed. @Anonymous, I said " "despised" " because that's true that they actually didn't hate each other, but they actually weren't all so friendly with each other. Maybe the right verb to use were ignore, since that Blair would have never considered Dan if he hadn't have a relationship with Serena... In any case, it's not very influent the fact that they worked togheter or she helped him with Serena, because you can work with someone you don't like, or help someone who loves too someone you care, don't you think?
Anyway, besides that, the only thing that I can't really stand is the fact that Blair has been hypocritical to Chuck...
Oh, and I won't drop the show, not yet, since there's still one season and I am quite interested with Nate's and Chivy's storylines...
(sorry for my English, but it's not my first language...)


@Anonymous Feel free to take your own advice and stop explaining yourself to us/me cos you're wasting your precious + ample time. You seem overly invested in this show and peoples opinion it's strange. The trolling on this site makes one wonder how productive your life is in reality. I have been a silent fan of the show but I have made an exception this time around :)


@Where's Waldorf and @V Then stop telling me, all you're doing is wasting your time. They're not taking it out on the show, they're whining because their precious couple aren't together 24/7 like they wanted it to be.


@crAZychicke, thank you!


@ Where's Waldorf I feel the same way! I am glad someone gets where I am coming from. Fans who have invested time, energy and even money (buying DVD's etc) should be allowed to vent if things aren't going the way they want on GG without anyone trying to make them feel bad for being human and throwing a tantrum. I have been a solid Chair fan since the 1st season and remained a faithful fan since then even though I recently decided not to watch the show again. I got over that and went back to watching it and not just relying on TV Fanatic and GG FB page even though scenes with Blair and Dan upset me. I will still watch cos the sad truth is Chuck and Dan are my favorite characters, I just can't stand Dan with Blair! It feels wrong anyway I try to look at it.


I agree with you. Most of these people love the show deep down they just hate whats happening and are taking it out on the show in general. Its not anyone's place to tell them they should stop watching. I'm certainly not going to stop watching just because I'm a Chair fan.


I'm never letting go of Chair


@Anonymous Must I keep telling you it is not your place to instruct anyone to quit watching the show if they are that upset or not? Permit me to suggest something to you: Let people be upset over GG, let people be happy over GG, let people air their views about GG, let people decide to keep watching GG, let people decide to quit watching GG, it is their choice, they do not need your input to quit watching the show same way they did not need your input to watch the show or are you paying for their cable or internet access (me inclusive) in any way?