Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: Dan vs. Chuck

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In the Canadian promo for Monday's Gossip Girl episode, "The Princess Dowry," the battle lines are clearly being drawn between Dan and Chuck. Suffice it to say, the latter isn't giving up without a fight.

Whether his efforts pay off remains an open question.

How far is Chuck willing to go to dispatch Humphrey as an obstacle to win back the girl of his dreams? Will Dan and Blair build off of what we saw play out in "Cross Rhodes" or be dealt a setback?

Take a look at the promo and see what you think:

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@BFLY Serena did pursue Nate in Season 3, shouldn't Blair have the right to be angry that Serena betrayed her trust in going after Nate? Serena was in a relationship with Nate, they had their whole food sex thing going on too, I guess Serena is just such a 'loyal' saint.


@bbking Gossip Girl was just a fun, entertaining show about the glamorous Upper East Siders. Let's not blow things out of proportion just because you're being a bitter fan, it's really not worth it to get this upset over this terribly written show. If you really have that much problem with it, you should just drop this show and stop watching, it'll be better for everyone else who feels the same way.


I am so sick of DAIR fans saying that CHAIR fans are young girls...the immature fans are the ones that want blair to betray serena just because serena sleep with nate. -by the way serena did not pursue anything with nate, apologized for it,for like 2 years and serenate did not come up till chair was in too deep, and i always though that the reason that serena did not choose nate over dan was because of blair- like the real reason- she really could not choose nate because she was too loyal,, blair first suppose love .


You know a couple is great when their story is keeping people talking for 5 years!!!CHAIR.. and they try to replace it with something average at best is baffling !!!DAIR... you have a critically acclaim, best of all time list etc.. for a teen show that is amazing,and to try to destroy that is really crazy..I mean to write your most popular female lead as a completely different character to suit a relationship they want to pursue???,MIND BLOWING...And if the writers make DAIR endgame that is fine because CHAIR will be remembered because of ed\leighton..they are far from average together.without CHAIR this show would have been done years ago....


@bbking No, Josh Safran is too busy ruining the show to be replying to the fans. Maybe you should stop watching and drop the show, it's not like you're going to miss anything anyways. Gossip Girl isn't supposed to be about any relationships, it turned out that way and that's pretty much part of the reason why it sucks so much. It was supposed to be and it used to be about the scandalous lives of the Upper East Side, it's even in the opening (not the exact words).


Well as we now depending on wrote wrote the article sometimes its not what they actually said. he did a eonline interview. last month [there is video], he said everyone has a 6 season contract, and they probably would be done. and he has a little more of chuck in him not a lot.and he is excited to see what the writers come up with to end the CHAIR story, ....because the show was suppose to be about serena, but its really about CHAIR, not donut, w\blair..... donut +blair is 1 hour of tv hell.....


Maybe Anonymous is really josh safran encouraging people to stop watching the show ..oh well.... you know what dan is really a good person he was going to let serena\chuck take the blame for the video.... really serena? he sent the video, wrote louis vows,and didnt tell blair about louis trying to help with the book,and probably set up chuck 5x17 ,and blair will probably believe dan....please put dan\blair in there own storyline in about 7minutes per episode and put nate\chuck\serena in the front .I mean looking at the bad kisses and dan hair I cant even..........


I have seen plenty of ed interviews and he has never criticized the show, he has said chuck chasing after blair is pretty much crazy, and all the fans do agree on that. i mean how much should a man take,, the writers should have chuck move on if they really want to do dair,because what they call a love triangle is rid,,,i mean the blair\chuck\louis was blair going to him every time and now blair is saying chuck is ruining her life,,, sorry honey dan is helping you do that.


@anonymous id laugh at this show too i have been around 5x13 till now but its beyond a joke now i dont know how leighton still enjoys playing blair i bet she thinks wtf everytime she reads a new script. its just unfair how we've all lost such a great show, thanks writers it seems josh safron enjoys mainly laughing at fans and wrecking the show just to piss us off last few interviews with him seems like hes doing all this on purpose and does not care about the show.


@Meep None of it has made any sense, Blair is just creating unnecessary drama for herself. I'm not surprised, she's already cheated/lied/humiliated Louis even before they got married. @cris Well, it has been low for a while now. The writers are just making things up at this point. Many of the actors (Ed, Leighton, Blake, etc.) have expressed wanting to pursue other shows/films and Ed has even criticized the show and his own character. This show doesn't even compare to its' old self.