Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: Dan vs. Chuck

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In the Canadian promo for Monday's Gossip Girl episode, "The Princess Dowry," the battle lines are clearly being drawn between Dan and Chuck. Suffice it to say, the latter isn't giving up without a fight.

Whether his efforts pay off remains an open question.

How far is Chuck willing to go to dispatch Humphrey as an obstacle to win back the girl of his dreams? Will Dan and Blair build off of what we saw play out in "Cross Rhodes" or be dealt a setback?

Take a look at the promo and see what you think:

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I think I agree with you. I used to be a stalwart Chair fan but if I look back my fondness for them being together warred alot with the fact that he did some terrible things to her and I would never want any woman to go back to that. I think my issue was that I really liked the bad boy Chuck especially in the flashes when he was being super lovely which was in direct contradiction with my own common sense. I actually never considered Dair as an option but their interaction in Season 4 may me wonder and then I could totally see how they would work and be a much better, healthy relationship. I also don't think that Blair has suddenly decided she loves Dan. I think she has been caring about him for a while now and she's realised what that actually means. In addition its not that I don't think she has forgotten her love for Chuck - often we have one person that we always carry a torch for but that doesn't mean to say its the person that we should end up with.


@Dairlover - I agree! - Bring Eva back!


Sometimes I really miss the first two seasons :)


I love how Chair fans continue to talk negatively about the writers. I have watched faithfully since the beginning and was once a Chair dan. Dair seems completely natural to me and Chair seems repetitive and boring. I did not criticize the writers when Chuck kept popping up in every scene, but I hoped that Dair would find a way to happen. The writers did an excellent job of providing hints and subtle interactions to make DAIR a realisitc and deep love connection. Like many people, I find Chair to be a great story, but as many great love stories, it belonged at a certain time and place. Chair, for me, is an epic love story that should remain in the past. I love the writers and I LOVE DAIR.


@ anon22: I don't get how someone can be fan of a ship if they're only fans of half the couple, but that's your opinion, whatever. And nobody here has said that what Chuck did was ok.


The producers should bring back Eva for Chuck, do he can just let Dair be.


Woo Hoo! It is gettin hot in here.... THIS IS THE BEST CANDIAN PROMO I HAVE EVER SEEN. Dair for the win.


@Anon and @toohip Why would Dan be in love with Lola? She's with Nate and she's Serena's cousin, which would make her his half sister's cousin. Oh, they certainly have something in common all right. Vanessa was the one who screwed Dan and everyone else over in Season 4, which I guess the writers wanted to get rid of her. Serena moved on to other guys: Aaron, Ben, Gabriel, Carter, Nate, played mistress with Tripp, etc. @leila The writers have been ruining characters left and right. @soosick That's all the more reason why they should drop the show and stop watching. The writers/show runners don't care if they lose any more viewers.


@leila "Maybe he`s more boring and not so hot but you can be sure his company isn`t more important than you and you can lean on the fact that he cares about you and will always call you number one in live." ..
How can you say that though, Dan hasn't shown that with any of his other girlfriends. In fact, the second they do the smallest thing that displeases his highly "moral" self, he balks. He's a flake. He was totally unwilling to understand Serena in season 1, despite the fact that she didn't really do anything wrong to him and he was running around with georgina. He "LOVED" vanessa but then played her with Serena and never looked back. Are we thinking about the same character?


AT ALL YOU "CHAIR" FANS, shut up already. When it comes down to it, you're ALL just CHUCK fans, NOT Chair. So, let me get this straight, its OK for Chuck to abuse Blair, hurt her, treat her like a WHORE/property, have his own thing with OTHER women like eva and raina and Blair is STILL expected to be with him? That's RIDICULOUS BS! I'm not a Blair fan, I personally think she's pathetic now BUT she's MUCH better with Dan. There ARE NO TRUE chair fans just Chuck fans.