Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: Dan vs. Chuck

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In the Canadian promo for Monday's Gossip Girl episode, "The Princess Dowry," the battle lines are clearly being drawn between Dan and Chuck. Suffice it to say, the latter isn't giving up without a fight.

Whether his efforts pay off remains an open question.

How far is Chuck willing to go to dispatch Humphrey as an obstacle to win back the girl of his dreams? Will Dan and Blair build off of what we saw play out in "Cross Rhodes" or be dealt a setback?

Take a look at the promo and see what you think:

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@toohip I was talking about how Serena and Nate had a relationship in Season 3, I think I was replying about something else. @cris They're all selfish, even Serena and Blair have their fair share of problems.


I would love to see Eva back. She was so good for Chuck.
Also I would have to disagree with the people that are saying that Dan is so good compared to Chuck. He's as selfish as Chuck. Chuck traded Blair for a hotel, but Dan sold out his whole family and friends for fame and notoriety (calling your dad former rockstar turned trophy husband or your ex-girlfriend a flighty and flakey). So, they just play in different leagues.


@Anonymous Maybe I'm confused but I'm not sure what nate and season three have anything to do with my comment on Dan and the new Lola or Ivy or Charlie or what ever name she is has to do with maybe a connection between them. I just thought I would throw it out there. Its All awkward, lol


@Grace What do people mean by epic love story


@latinalover It's not reality tv, there is no "behind the scenes". The actors go back to their real lives once camera stops rolling.


@toohip She was with Nate in Season 3, they had their whole food sex thing with the chocolate covered strawberries in the kitchen. Still, it's Serena's cousin, it's still very awkward enough.


@Anonymous I don't think I used the word Love, and as for her being with Nate right now, Really??? As we can see things can Change and about the cousin thing, no blood there and right now she could care less about her real won. What I'm saying is can see them happen. Just a opinion...


hahahha love you @LATINALOVER!
and i also LOVE DAIR!


@UESNY Season 3 pretty much 'jumped the shark', making Dan/Serena step siblings, the whole hotel incident, the Jenny incident, Chuck's ridiculous/contrived family/business storylines that went nowhere, etc. @pty Then that would make them a fan of the character and not the relationship itself.


So excited for tonight after this promo! Was a chair fan, now a dair fan, but always a GG FAN!!! :) Great job writers!