Exclusive Gossip Girl Clip: Blair Stalks Dan, Bashes Lola

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The CW and Warner Bros. have provided TV Fanatic an exclusive clip from Monday's all-new Gossip Girl, and it's a fun one. Blair shows up at Dan's theater production of Inside, where and meets a familiar face.

Familiar to us, at least.

The Upright Citizens Brigade, a comedy-based New York City improvisational theater group, is performing excerpts from Dan's book, which he's apparently overseeing. One of the actresses? None other than Lola.

That's the setting where B arrives, ostensibly to say hello to her "friend", but clearly with other motives. Fawning over him awkwardly, she's either smitten with Lonely Boy, looking to rub it in S' face, or both.

Moments later, she unknowingly meets the real Charlotte Rhodes, Julliard student and aspiring actress, and promptly bashes her hideous headband and wardrobe, only to learn that Lola is playing Claire in Inside.

Ouch, B. Watch the sneak peek from "Cross Rhodes" and comment below!

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@bbking and @uncle jackass i never read the books but what i really loved about S1, S2 was the whole Cruel Intentions prep school feel of it. for this type of show the writers should have had most of the group go to one Ivy league college where the backdrop of sororities/fraternities (which are even more soul crushing than anything at Constance; they're practically cult like) could've extended the feel of an exclusive privileged world. that could've provided all sorts of insane OMFG moments, at least for S3. the writers said they didn't want to do that and their decision resulted in the show feeling completely different after high school. they attempted to bring some of the Ivy league stuff in S4 w/ the Serena/Blair/Juliet sorority thing but it was just a plot device to set up the Ben/Juliet stuff.


continued.. Serenate have both slept with everyone and see immediate interest in any new character.. If all else fails they should just end up t/g already...
Dair is a mature, intellectual and completely not forced relationship... I'm loving the way they interact and can't wait to see where it goes!! (dont ruin this GG!!)


@bbking well... Sorry to interrupt your little rant/whining, but it's NOT season 1/2 any more. You can keep rewatching those if it pleases you :) Dan and Blair's relationship will prove how much the 2 have grown. I agree with anonymous: it will literally shake up everything on the UES. Especially heading towards the final season of GG it will have come to a full circle. Queen B and lonely boy... The forbidden love :p
As for Dan+Serena.. Dan is as much a step brother to S as Chuck as. I dont know how ppl can still want Darena. Gross. Moving on.
Chuck seems to think any woman he dates for a bit is the love of his life.. Blair, Raina? Eva? Until they all left him. Raina leaving him was his own fault. And Blair kind of sabotaged Eva... But regardless Chuck needs to learn how to move on and set his daddy/mommy whatever issues he has already.

Uncle jackass

Therefore, what we got was Blair and Serena claiming that they were best friends, but in reality there was no proof or quality time spent together (off screen there was). There were plenty of scenes in s3, s4, s4 where the writers made it explicit to us (the viewer) that Dan and Blair were actual friends without mentioning that they were actual friends (in fact a lot of denial). Also, from season 3 and onwards, you got Blair mentioning "She loves Chuck more and more" but in reality she kept wanting to stay with Louis.

Uncle jackass

The mastery of season 1 and 2 was that there was a great ensemble cast. It was therefore, plot driven and there was a build up to story-lines. Season 3 and 4, 5 had separated every cast member with a guest star or paired recycled couples. Think of it this way in season 3: Blair with Chuck, Dan with Vanessa, Serena with Nate, and eventually a few one episode guest stars. Season 4 was no better, with Serena with Ben, Chuck with Raina, Nate with Raina & Juliet, Dan with a bit of Blair, and eventually Blair with Louis.


V, it's looking that way, isn't it? LOL And DB story hasn't been for 15 episodes when the first 13 were about CBL.

Uncle jackass

@bbking,, To be honest, I've said this before, but the only way you can now watch Gossip Girl is that if it consists of two different shows. Season 1 and 2 (and a bit of season 3) are loosely based on the books. Season 3, 4, and 5, are at best the interpretation of Josh Schwartz and Josh Safran (mostly him).


LOL bbking you never were a Dair fan!


part 2- serena and blair were intersting because blair would do anything to help serena if needed, but would anything to crush her if needed...ALL HAIR QUEEN B...WTF...WHERE IS SHE? And serena is perhaps as loyal to chuck as she is blair. THAT IS INTERSTING...NOT DAN AND BLAIR WATCHING DVDs...This is not the OC and 90210. By making Dsn the most important character the writers have made a mistake. Dan over serena\blair. This show was about serena ie..NBJC- and to a extent CHAIR....because lets be honest if not for chuck and blair Gossip Girl is nothing....


you know this show was different then other teen shows because chuck was the anti-hero drug addict with daddy issue. nate the pretty boy weed head with family issue. serena hot it girl with daddy issue. blair the beautiful ues princess that was cold as a bitch but hot for the basstard that what made this show different. also the IP story was interesting because no other teen show had ever done anything like it. you know i am bitter how far this show has fallen. the writers had the dair and blair story for 15 episodes that is crazy.... help me out people any thoughts. please comment.

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