Exclusive Gossip Girl Clip: Blair Stalks Dan, Bashes Lola

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The CW and Warner Bros. have provided TV Fanatic an exclusive clip from Monday's all-new Gossip Girl, and it's a fun one. Blair shows up at Dan's theater production of Inside, where and meets a familiar face.

Familiar to us, at least.

The Upright Citizens Brigade, a comedy-based New York City improvisational theater group, is performing excerpts from Dan's book, which he's apparently overseeing. One of the actresses? None other than Lola.

That's the setting where B arrives, ostensibly to say hello to her "friend", but clearly with other motives. Fawning over him awkwardly, she's either smitten with Lonely Boy, looking to rub it in S' face, or both.

Moments later, she unknowingly meets the real Charlotte Rhodes, Julliard student and aspiring actress, and promptly bashes her hideous headband and wardrobe, only to learn that Lola is playing Claire in Inside.

Ouch, B. Watch the sneak peek from "Cross Rhodes" and comment below!

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cont i'm hoping that the writers won't put them together since I honestly think that is the only way to make characters believable again. if they want them to end up together, which i believe they do, they should somehow start over, building them properly, showing us that they love each other and that they belong together rather then hearing them telling us.


cont. i I don't understand why dair fans are so happy if their love relationship started out of deceitfulness and has no chance since it's yet another obstacle to this big chair reunion at the end of the season. I also don't understand how could this reunion make any chair fan happy ( ok this scene would be pretty owesome), since it would not make any sense what
so ever after watching this season.


Hi to everyone, i'm not an American so sorry for my English. GG used to be my favorite TV show and now I don't know why I'm still watching - i guess i was hoping it will get back on track, but I think now we are beyond that. I don't understand why the writers choose to ruin the "core" couple, which carried the show for so long if they did not have any other good story lines for others.


@Anonymous You got it, I make C&B together sound like a prison sentence because that is what I believe they are. I'm not for the so called "epic" stuff. Because of how they were written they can have each other. The thing is it may sound like I am hard on Dan but he is my favorite character because he seems to be the most interesting one of the group in his character development and behaviour. Now that the writers have paired him with Blair (yes I know I am a minority here but I really don't like her--the character not her as a person because she is fictional)I'm afraid that his character will be ruined. For the record..he should not be with Serena either because they are related!!!

Uncle jackass

... but I get this recurring argument between those that have watched the show and those that only recently catched up for Dair is about CONTINUITY. Yes, in a recent interview from Josh Saffron said that there won't be any 'endgames' and that they were 'writing on the fly,' just like the writers of House MD admitted, etc.


@ uncle jackass. That would be awesome. LOL.....

Uncle jackass

@bbking, In respects and as a tribute with the original book storyline there should be a whole season devoted to repairing the Blair and Serena's friendship. I suppose whether or not Blair and Serena are fighting over Dan (Nate's equivalent in the books) is interpretative. Ed Westwick stated in a CNN interview that he would like Chuck in the end of things to lose all his wealth, but still willing to propose to Blair (similar to how Chuck's book character drifted away from military camp to find Blair again). And as a Rude Finger to the "Endgame" police, Blair and Serena should go Thelma and Louise to drive away from the silly boys...


I think you are confusing dan and chuck . because dan tells every girl he loves them.he has been with georgina,serena,ms.carr,amanda,blair,vanessa,hilary duffs character and was going to get with charlie-if that call me serena moment did not happen. out of all those girls lets see how many he was in love with. at least 4- now to chuck bothgirls where in season 4 when 1.blair found him in paris, told him i dont love you , but come back . he came back with eva and blair chased her away. 2. raina was after 4.9 - blair saying we cant be together-powerful woman arch.-what chuck said was eva was dear to him. not love. he has never said that. you have to have watched the show to know that. no offense,,,


part 2- and people talk about nate\serena. there was a line between them chuck\dan because those are the men they consider the love of life.
@ trina trina- not 15 episodes sorry! but dan has been blair bff not serena so that is what i was really thinking about in the context of the show. no offense to anybody. i am new to the forums and i like nice intelligent chats you know the ones like DAIR has.......... That nobody cares about...........LOL


dan and blair relationship is forced if the person is married your ex -bff and you so called friend . ie-chuck. i dont want dan\serena . i want nate\serena. and if you think blair is maturing then. okay , but dan\blair would not be forbidden because chuck\nate\serena would not talk to her that is it. but it is boring sorry! and i was talking about that in character of season 1-2 and to tell a good different story you would not end with dan\blair. i am talking about the show . not shipping wars. people get to mad but dan\blair would not keep me here for 5 years and i am starting to think some dair shippers have not watched this whole show and are only judging since the writers changed blair.