Exclusive Gossip Girl Clip: Blair Stalks Dan, Bashes Lola

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The CW and Warner Bros. have provided TV Fanatic an exclusive clip from Monday's all-new Gossip Girl, and it's a fun one. Blair shows up at Dan's theater production of Inside, where and meets a familiar face.

Familiar to us, at least.

The Upright Citizens Brigade, a comedy-based New York City improvisational theater group, is performing excerpts from Dan's book, which he's apparently overseeing. One of the actresses? None other than Lola.

That's the setting where B arrives, ostensibly to say hello to her "friend", but clearly with other motives. Fawning over him awkwardly, she's either smitten with Lonely Boy, looking to rub it in S' face, or both.

Moments later, she unknowingly meets the real Charlotte Rhodes, Julliard student and aspiring actress, and promptly bashes her hideous headband and wardrobe, only to learn that Lola is playing Claire in Inside.

Ouch, B. Watch the sneak peek from "Cross Rhodes" and comment below!

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AmyGirl, to add to that, he's also dating another ex's cousin.


Allie - Anon - Anonimous are the same person?
I think so.


This so makes me think of Nate! 1. He is dating the girl playing his longtime ex
2. He is dating the real version of the girl he kissed (Ivy, he knows her as Charlotte) Oh Nate and his manwhoreing ways!


"Overall, I think that we felt like that was the natural evolution of Chuck and Blair's relationship and something that we wanted to see happen to the characters. I think it's frustrating fans who just want them to be together and be happy, but we have to save the finish line for the finish line." yay HOPE for chair


Hmm i understand (slightly) why Chair shippers are not enjoying this... B/c chair was supposed to "epic".. It lost its essence for me though.. They had a good thing once and then chuck completely ruined it.. He might have "changed" now but some of the stuff he did was unforgivable. He just seems desperate to me these days.. Feel bad for his character...
Dair is great. Smart television. Witty dialogue.. it's pure genius from the writers! Since season 1 theyve been pitted against each other but there were always common grounds and odd similiarties between them despite being polar opposites... I honestly believe theyre soul mates. The fact that B is is pure denial is even more awesome to watch :D


Loooove dan and blair together. So smart and witty. love them as a team, cant wait to see them as a couple.. Finally!!


Chair USED to be entertaining. Now they are redundant and overdone. I admit they had their time and it was great.. But it's over now.
Dair is great tv entertainment and no i did not just start watching GG! Been at it since season 1.


cont I meant no disrespect to dair shippers or to any other for that matter - it's just how i feel about GG. it's sad to say that i'm still watching the show because of my ship only, since i invested too much time in them and not for the whole since it's stoped been worth watching long time ago.
have a good day


cont. i'm a chair fan , this is a tv show, so I'm not trying to figure out who is better for blair, i just want to be entertain when watching and to me chuck and blair's relationships (good and bad) provided better entertainment. This notion of "one and only true love" between chuck and blair (which it is only one consistent story line throughout the 5 season)which is very rare in this world and madly romantic is the reason why so many people are drawn to chuck and blair.

Uncle jackass

@Pty, Yepp read both articles. The Huffingtonpost review of Season 4 was quite succinct and clear, while I get the feeling ourlittlenudget was more of a persuasive argument piece. I wish I had the words to productively argue with some of the points, but I know it'll fall on deaf ears. @marky, As for the Dair endgame belief. The regular Dair posters here wish for an Dair endgame, but are under no delusions it will happen. I think crumbs is what the fanbase is given. It's not like we were given a choice for Dan to upload a video tape to ruin Blair's wedding. I also can't imagine anyone chose Blair to with Louis or Vanessa to be with anyone. In the case of Veronica Mars, the creator Robb Thomas allowed a voting system to choice who would be the couple for season 3: either Duncan Kane or Logan Echolis.

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