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So feisty here.


@Nawty~Angel and @latinalover That was from Stephenie Savage and there's a reason she jumped ship and left the incompetent clown, Josh Safran in charge.

@Xoxoag Which doesn't make sense, that would just make things worse. Seeing Blair and Dan together is what made Serena upset in the 1st place.


bbking "you know the ones like DAIR has.......... That nobody cares about...........LOL:"

If no one cared, you wouldn't be talking about, it, now would you?

Dan didn't tell those girls that he loved them, half of them came after Dan and not the other way around.

@Meep Blair's character was already ruined when they turned her into a whiny, pathetic object that is being fought for between Chuck and Louis.

What they really deserve is to be alone, they don't deserve to be with each other.

@marky They made the entire show revolve around that couple and ran the series into the ground. It's sad when pretty much the only reason to watch is because of a few scenes of their favorite ship before the writers ruin their characters. It's just not worth it.

@Uncle Jackass Veronica Mars was a much better series, the characters actually developed, it didn't revolve around contrived, relationship drama.


@TinaTrina Oh, but the point still stands, the writers will say anything to try and keep their dwindling viewers.

@bbking Blair/Serena have been fighting in every season, they're constantly backstabbing each other, like when Serena slept with Nate behind Blair's back.

Chuck doesn't care, their relationship had nothing to do with Serena, who was with other guys at the time.

The IP storyline was terrible, Blair was treated like a pathetic piece of property, whored out to Jack Bass. Other shows actually developed their characters/relationships and didn't character assassinate every single character. The OC/90210 had better writing in comparison to Gossip Girl's incompetence.

Gossip Girl is clearly not the same show anymore post-1st 2 seasons.


@TinaTrina you know keep it in the family.


@Nawty~Angel i don't take what that person said seriously because he or she is bias.


@marky you can stop watching at any time.


@marky ok which this is just a tv show.


man some chair fans act so crazy. it is like someone stole their husbands away.


@bbking awww you are cute.

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