Exclusive Gossip Girl Clip: Blair Stalks Dan, Bashes Lola

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The CW and Warner Bros. have provided TV Fanatic an exclusive clip from Monday's all-new Gossip Girl, and it's a fun one. Blair shows up at Dan's theater production of Inside, where and meets a familiar face.

Familiar to us, at least.

The Upright Citizens Brigade, a comedy-based New York City improvisational theater group, is performing excerpts from Dan's book, which he's apparently overseeing. One of the actresses? None other than Lola.

That's the setting where B arrives, ostensibly to say hello to her "friend", but clearly with other motives. Fawning over him awkwardly, she's either smitten with Lonely Boy, looking to rub it in S' face, or both.

Moments later, she unknowingly meets the real Charlotte Rhodes, Julliard student and aspiring actress, and promptly bashes her hideous headband and wardrobe, only to learn that Lola is playing Claire in Inside.

Ouch, B. Watch the sneak peek from "Cross Rhodes" and comment below!

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@Meep Did Blair really have to kiss Dan in front of everyone to prove their friendship, especially after what happened last time? Blair is always full of excuses: The pact with God, the Dowry, her sham relationship/marriage with Louis, and I guess Blair is confused now, etc. It's always 1 excuse after another. @Lila 1 of the kisses was from last week's episode.


See another kiss with another reason as to why it happened. Yes I know I am repeating myself but I would just like to see a kiss that was just Dan and Blair and no other reason for it because it just seems like a plot device so far..........off to finish watching


So indeed the promo were soooo misleading but I guess it's for the best !! Dair all the way


For Chuck and Blair fans, tweet "Save the Butterflies" (I don't have Twitter but I'm spreading this).


@Meep I wouldn't be surprised, these writers are mastered in the art of multiple character assassinations. That's why Blair turned into whiny, pathetic shell of herself.


They are so cute together! Can't wait for tonight!


That's true, no more CW forums. Hopefully Dan's character won't get too butchered from his involvement with Blair. I would really like to see him interact with Jenny though..even if just by phone since T.M. is not around. But to have him do that would take good writing and for a character to have a life outside of the "relationship drama" as someone so rightfully said.


@Ace and @latinalover I heard the CW got rid of that.


can't wait for DAIR. DAIR is the best couple on television. I love Penn and Leighton together. The tension has been too much and I am hoping Blair admits she is felling for him tonight.


@Ace it reminds me of the CW forums

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