Exclusive Gossip Girl Clip: Blair Stalks Dan, Bashes Lola

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The CW and Warner Bros. have provided TV Fanatic an exclusive clip from Monday's all-new Gossip Girl, and it's a fun one. Blair shows up at Dan's theater production of Inside, where and meets a familiar face.

Familiar to us, at least.

The Upright Citizens Brigade, a comedy-based New York City improvisational theater group, is performing excerpts from Dan's book, which he's apparently overseeing. One of the actresses? None other than Lola.

That's the setting where B arrives, ostensibly to say hello to her "friend", but clearly with other motives. Fawning over him awkwardly, she's either smitten with Lonely Boy, looking to rub it in S' face, or both.

Moments later, she unknowingly meets the real Charlotte Rhodes, Julliard student and aspiring actress, and promptly bashes her hideous headband and wardrobe, only to learn that Lola is playing Claire in Inside.

Ouch, B. Watch the sneak peek from "Cross Rhodes" and comment below!

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@ faminga. You are right !.. Yes I love DAIR.......


bbking: you may think they look awkward but I myself find them irresistable...sometimes these things are subjective


I know dan and blair first real kiss was suppose to be sweet and tender. but all the kisses i have seen kind of loook ..IDK awkward but ILOVE THEM...DAIR . and the blair\chuck kissing is really just ed and leighton cause they u know...


ed and leighton are hot . period. and if jessica hooked back up with ed after all the interviews where he is mentioning leighton every two seconds . she is just chingy .. i am sorry. just desperate. i mean even if ed was joking. it was just like 3 weeks ago i would not hook up with him again if i was jessica. then ed says he is not spending valentine day with anyone and never has because been nobody been special enough- check wetpaint.I LOVE ED... but i like dair... no offense to anyone.. maybe i am just a flaky shipper.. I probably will end up a chair shipper again ...lol. and everybody lighten up.. one more thing that 5x04 kiss with penn\leighton was kind of open mouth but not sexy ...IDK ..I guess.


Blair wasn't going to just stick her tounge down Dan's throat...It was their first 'real' kiss. It was unexpected and it was supposed to be simple, tender and sweet. They'll have more kisses coming up, and I'm sure they'll be much more hot and heavy as they get more comfortable with each other and want to rip each other's clothes off.


@bbking Clearly you do care.


Oh, okay. You think they are hooking up off screen? I think Ed and Jess are back together. Apparently they spent Valentine's Day together.


part -2. I mean WTF.. is off screen chemistry. just asking ? ed and leighton are soo hookup up. BUT DAIR.....NO DAIR NO CARE


yes. she kissed ed closed mouth but she seems to like it more that all i am saying so that is why ed and leighton kisses are better is because they like each other. ed saying he loves leighton. leighton saying thet have off screen chemistry.. i mean - ie.. hooking up ... but leighton has sexual chemistry with everybody. like i said penn\leighton kisses are okay.... just a average tv couple like they are. i like dair though ...


Yes, pty :) And she kissed Ed close mouthed in both the 5x7 and 5x10 kisses. I can't believe I'm analyzing her kissing technique :D