Castle Round Table: "The Blue Butterfly"

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A gorgeous gangster's moll, a cursed diamond necklace and private eye's diary.

"The Blue Butterfly" had Castle and Beckett investigating murders that spanned over half a century. Now, our Round Table team of Chandel Charles, Jim Garner, Courtney Morrison, and Christine Orlando debate Castle's past, present and future. Won't you come along and join us?


Who had your favorite 1940s alter ego?

Chandel: I think Alexis' Sally was pretty good. She got to play the bad girl in this one, which was fun!

Jim: Martha. She went platinum blonde for it and was mothering Castle's alter ego still!

Courtney: Ryan! The accent and the slicked back hair worked for me.

Christine: I couldn't get over Kate/Vera's wardrobe. Simply gorgeous. I was in awe of every dress.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Do you think Beckett should have arrested Joe and Vera?

Chandel: Of course not! What a great story they had! I think it's a reflection of where Kate's heart is right now. She's willing to entertain the great love stories she might have scoffed at before because of Rick and I love getting to see that side of her.

Jim: Not sure what the statue of limitations on unsolved murders is, but I think she did the right thing not arresting Viola and Jack.

Courtney: Nah, like Jim said, the statute of limitations for sure had to run out. Anyway, they were two people just trying to live a good life at this point. Let them be.

Christine: I'm pretty sure there isn't a statute of limitations on murder and I'm sure Kate should have turned over the evidence to the DA but I'm okay with how it worked out. It's nice to see Beckett follow her heart for once. Hopefully she'll do that more in her personal life.

What was your favorite scene?

Chandel: The part where Castle said "Kate's heart raced" and tried to cover it up with "fate." Kate confronted him so fast! It was a great moment. I'm still smiling about it.

Jim: When Castle realized he was narrating. Talk about touching that 4th wall just a tiny bit. Classic!

Courtney: Castle and Beckett sitting down with Vera and Joe. Kate was interested, Castle had figured it out once again. And now they were both looking at people that Castle had imagined them to be (probably causing Beckett to think the same thing in her mind).

Christine: I loved the scene where Castle gets to the end of the diary and Kate's upset because there's no end to the story. She looks so disappointed and Castle looks delighted that he's hooked her in and she's willingly followed him along on this ride. 

What do you think of the progression of Rick and Kate's relationship?  Has the show taken too long to get them together?  Are you enjoying the ride or getting bored with the stall?

Chandel: For whatever reason I am not aggravated by the progression, as long as it feels like it has been. I read somewhere that Andrew Marlowe said of Kate and Rick's relationship that all the great love stories take time, and I continue to watch that story unfold unconcerned about the pace overall. I do wish we could get another little truth moment where they consider moving forward. But I can wait.

Jim: Rick and Kate have a relationship?? Could have fooled me, looks more like a junir high crush. I swear any day now Rick is going to hand her a note that says "Do you like me? [_] yes [_] no". GAH!! Get on with it, already!

Courtney: I get that with any good show, you don't want to jump into anything too quickly. But it's not the first, nor the second, season anymore! I don't need them to be in a full fledged relationship. I get why the writers don't want to go there. But you have to give us a little bit. Have them hook up one night and we can deal with the aftermath of that before settling into a serious relationship.

Christine: I'm completely against the hook up idea. I want the real deal. Mostly because I can see these two being so much fun once they're together. Teasing, flirting, and hiding little moments from Gates and the boys. I'm all for drawing out the love story but it's season 4!  Enough soulful angst. Give us some romance. Now!

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Can I just say...what Castle and Beckett have right now isn't sexual tension. When it's just sexual tension, they can push buttons all they want because it's exciting to get a rise out of the other person. When it's love, they're almost afraid to push buttons because they're afraid the reaction might be negative. They're much more careful. There was sexual tension in the first two seasons when they were just attracted to each other. What they have now is I'm-in-love-and-don't-know-what-to-do-about-it tension. That's completely different - and I think the actors are doing a fantastic job of playing it that way.


I enjoyed the episode but lately I've been wanting more. It is time to see more forward movement in their relationship. An honest conversation about their feelings for one another would suffice at this point. But please give something! The natives are getting restless!


Chad Everett is 75 and looks ten years younger. Although I like him, I couldn't buy him as a man who had to be at least 90 years old. This all happened almost 65 years ago so the characters must be at least 85-90. Cold Case had the same flaw - using actors who were much too young to have aged with the mysteries. Otherwise I liked the dialogue and the film noir feeling of the flashbacks. I don't mind the snail's pace of Caskett because too many shows have started a downhill slide when the sexual tension gets resolved (i.e. Moonlighting).


No, there is no statute of limitations when it comes to murder, but Beckett did the right thing. She would have to have solid proof that Joe and Vera committed the murder, which she didn't have. She only had a spoken confession and a gun. They had no other witnesses, and even if they did, their information 55 years after the fact would not have been at all reliable. And what is the point of tossing an old couple in jai?l All they wanted to do was live their lives together, and there are many, many other criminals out there on the streets that should be locked up right now. I mean, seriously, would you rather arrest a harmless old couple who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or a child molester?


Great episode. The entire family loved it. Sally was great, but Castle ran away with the honors. Everything from him "narrating" himself to his "boyo" lessons to the Kate / fate walkback worked. Even the final shot, with the blue butterfly and "The End" were perfect. This goes down as one of the best.


There isn't a statue of limitations on murder, but there is on involuntary manslaughter, which that clearly was, which is only 5 years. So, considering how this was 55 years after the fact, no point in even trying to charge.

Sue ann

I used to say that I was OK with the snail's pace, as long as the snail was moving forward, but this episode, I saw no sparks at all. Even the kiss at the end seemed perfunctory. The writers should go watch most of the Tracy-Hepburn movies, all of the William Powell-Myrna Loy Thin Man movies, and go back to the tension-filled wisecracking, because that worked. Lanie and Ryan were the best, and those DRESSES! Wow!


1: yep starting to wonder if the same writers that wrote boy meets world wrote this series. I'm on record as saying that Caskett body language doesn't gell. If you really want to see how to keep the sexual tension going google Keith Barry or Derren brown on dating..That will even suit a G rating. Slow is a snail crawling forwards this is a snail crawling backwards!
2. Normally she would have but things change. I'd side with her.
3. Kates heart raced and she pinned him to it.
4.The writers need to up the ante more caskett refer to snail crawling backwards comment. BUT don't want to see them do a 1 niter, want a wedding!


1. Lanie. Great singer! Plus, even her alternate ego is a shipper "You two are a walking fairy tale. Good lord." LOL Also, Beckett. Yea, I agree with Christine, those are beautiful wardrobes!! 2. No. Like Beckett said, the way I see it, it was just self-defense. 3. Going with Courtney on this one: Sitting down with Viola and Jack and hear the resolution to their story. Aww. 4. Going with Chandel. I think that this season, as a whole, has had more progress than previous seasons. I'm actually quite comfortable at the pace they're going. And if they are getting together, I want it to be a real deal, and not just get together then break up and repeat. Although I wouldn't mind if the writers give us a little of something...


1. Tie between Tamala and Nathan! Tamala's got some serious pipes, and was a reincarnation of Billie Holliday. Nathan looked very yummy and pulled off his accent like a champ! 2. She should have, and it was annoying, but I had no problem letting it slide. The writers need a brush-up on police procedure, and a lot of help with medical jarginy stuff. Just enough to not be so blatantly outlandish. 3. Boy-o. Need I say more? 4. Vamanos! Rapido! Andale! NOW!!!

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