Cassidy Freeman on The Vampire Diaries: First Look!

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The CW has whet our anxious appetite even more for the upcoming Damon Salvatore flashback episode.

As previously reported, The Vampire Diaries will shed more light than ever before on this character during the March 15 installment - and now TV Guide has published the first photo from the highly-anticipated outing, which will feature Cassidy Freeman as a vampire named Sage, as seen here:

Cassidy Freeman as Sage

"She [is] really aware of what being a vampire is and owns it," the former Smallville star tells the magazine.

Look for Sage to also pop up in the modern day Mystic Falls, with Freeman teasing her character's motivation as centering around "good reasons," but adding: "She is [out] for herself."

We can't wait to learn more, but we'll have to be content with this image for now and with this Thursday's new episode. Check out the official promo now for "All My Children."


@katarina:Damon too bit elena in season 2 finalé when he was hallucinating,stefan was compelled to bite her,and he fought it back,he even tried to kill himself so that he wouldn't hurt her,even klaus was suprised that stefan was able to break through the compulsion.Both stefan and Damon are serial killers coz they are vampires,damon may not be a ripper but he kills as well and i'm sure the way people use to bash stefan they don't bash damon like that,every lame excuse is made for him.


I know you're not supposed to compair fiction to reality but, there's just some stuff in the show that doesn't add up. Like did everyone just all of a sudden stop going to school? Does anyone do homework when they're not out slaying vampires or whatever? I feel like the show seemed more realistic when it first started. I've wanted Klaus to die for awhile now up until this last episode. He can be a real charmer when he wants to be. Although, I'm still very upset with him for what he did to Stefan and Tyler. I doubt Esther's plan is going to work judging by the previews. It's doubtful that any show would wipe out that many characters at once. I wish Stefan could feel again. I miss the old Stefan!


Yay! Delena/ are/is my favs!!! Delena endgame


This show is all insest obviously, Katherine is elenas great great great grandmother and isobels great great grandmother. And wots with the Damon character bashing?!! At least he didn't bite Elena like Stefan did, and Stefan is the serial killer, CHOPPING BODY PARTS! and WRITING HIS CRAP ON A WALL. lol. It would be Awsome if caroline had such an effect on klaus that, Klaus changed to good guy lol!


I'm really worried about how they've executed this episode. Damon is a character fans have very strong opinions about, so if they're promoting this as the episode showing the genesis of Damon, it better be good.
And the previous episode should have been titled "1912" because they sunk the Delena ship so hard.


@bored now, that's exactly what I'm saying, she barely knew her mother, in fact her mother was almost a stranger to her and wouldn't you want to spite who hates your guts and tried to kill you? As for the caroline and jeremy events, it's not like Damon came off easy and Elena just fell back into his web, he had ro work for it and if a person tries that hard to prove he's worth your time, ther's no way you don't feel any sort of good feeling towards that person. And just to clarify has still not fallen head over heels from, he's still working, although I think he could do better. Point is a lot of these comments are based on things that hasn't happened, and by now should have.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Damon''s been with Isobel, a woman Elena barely knew, and Katherine, a woman she completely dislikes and both of them are related to her. Isobel being her freaking mother. That alone should make Elena, if Elena was actually a character, want to run away as far as possible from such stalker. Are you honestly telling me that if a hot guy threw himself at you, trying to protect over everything else, you wouldn't reciprocate any mild sort of feeling?
He also banged her mother and ancestor,
snapped jeremy's neck in front of her,
raped and abused caroline,
raped and abused jenna's friend,
regularly kills alaric
force-fed her blood(which was wise since elena is too-dumb-to-live, but still a dick-move)
is a serial killer prone to violent impulses.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Elena may be boring and make stupid desicions, but she is still a strong character and able to make up her own mind about things, without just sitting around waiting for her boyfriend to come home.
And it makes no difference if TV-show Elena is character-less personality-less concept. She is also not a realistic person does not develop her flaws(another mary sue trait). Sure she makes decisions but they are always right ones(mary sue trait), because show or if they are not she is not called out consequences(another mary sue trait). She also has no foil(another mary sue trait) and is never challenged in her opinion for longer than few seconds(another mary sue trait). Not to mention that both Bella And Elena are only based around romance. So yeah, Elena is pretty much Bella Swan, just with a better actress.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

You can't watch this show until you stop comparing it to the books.
I could not care less on if its similar or entirely different from the books. Thats not the problem. The problem is the obvious writing flaws in tv versions of those characters and noticeable dip in the show's quality since start of Season Two (around masquerade).


People need to get over the fact that the show is nothing like the books(thank God, because the books are a waste, even the twilight books are better), this site is tv fanatic not book fanatic. Elena is a selfish bitch in the books, Caroline is a selfish bitch in the book, so get over the books. Love tv Klaus. I don't want a Klaroline pairing to happen, but at this point I want them to kiss, so I won't have to read anymore of the same old comments left by Bored Now. Mrs Niklaus as of right now, Damon''s been with Isobel, a woman Elena barely knew, and Katherine, a woman she completely dislikes. Are you honestly telling me that if a hot guy threw himself at you, trying to protect over everything else, you wouldn't reciprocate any mild sort of feeling? Not even to spite the woman you dislike. You're a saint.

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